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Range AFM Disable - Anyone tried it?


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Update on the afm disable from range..it works for those who need it and don't have a tuner shop near. i agree with cowpie . i don't have a truck for fuel mileage and want all 8 cylinders lit. so i ditched 5.3 afm  motor (sadly) i loved my 07  gmc sle new body 1500 crew cab. stepped up to the 2013 gmc  2500hd crewcab 6.0 L96 /6l90 much happier now with this truck. i was out growing the 1500 anyway . 2 quads on diamondback atv deck and 22 foot travel trailer demanded a 2500 at least (17500 gcvwr) @65 mph cruzin like a caddie on route 66 now.

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I just “installed” the Range AFM disabler today, and it has made the truck definitely more pleasant to drive. Aside from my catback exhaust, I just like how the truck seems to hesitate and struggle with gears less without the v4 mode. I drove around in different scenarios, and I can see losing some mileage on the highway, but much of my driving is 40-50 with rolling hills and the AFM just annoyed me by constantly engaging -disengaging.  I also noticed that I got fewer weird, hesitating down shifts when coming to a stop with AFM disabled. Truthfully this is a small sample size of miles based upon one day, but I love the truck even more as long as the Range device continues  to work as it did today. I know the price is up there, but I like the idea of unplugging it when I need to go to the dealer. Just my two cents for now.  I paid 189 with free shipping directly from Range in order to get the newest version. So far so good. I’ll update in a few weeks. Take care. 

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On 7/18/2020 at 11:32 AM, dean laginess said:

I have a 2018 Silverado 5.3L, is there a difference in performance between the red and blue AFM disablers from range?

No difference other than color.  They all work the same

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I drive a 2009 GMC1500 sle crew cab I’ve had it on my truck for about 6 months I haven’t tried towing yet because my boats sits in stoorahe on lake havasu year round I’ve noticed a lot of difference in performance and fuel mileage it didn’t affect mikes at all, I also have a hypertech speedometer programmer installed in the truck along with the red range afm didabler no more hesition on a cell no more hunting for a gear the shifts are firm no complaint her my truck also has 5.3 with 342 and 6spd trans it woke it right up

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