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Free stuff, come in and check it out!

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Let's start off June with a chance to get some free stuff. It is also the major start to summer and everyone is out and about enjoying the warm weather.


This is a drawing for a free AMSOIL OE oil change, AMSOIL P.i. and MP Metal Protector.

Basically the First place winner will receive an AMSOIL OE oil change. Goes like this, if you win then you let me know how many quarts of oil you need for an oil change on your vehicle and what weight, 0w-20, 5w-20, 5w-30, 10w-30 or 15w-40 oil for the diesel owners.. Also I will need your address that UPS ships to along with your phone number. Phone number is needed in case of delivery issues.

Second prize is a bottle of AMSOIL's P.i., third prize is a can of AMSOIL's MP Metal Protector.

To enter, just post one time in this thread, your post number will be your lottery number in the drawing. More than one post will disqualify you.

The drawing will be end the 14th of June 2015.

Good luck!

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