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Has anyone seen a 2020 GMC Sierra HD ?

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I'm looking to see one too. I've attached a picture of the 2020 Chevy HD High Country.  I just bought a 2019 Sierra HD Denali and I told the salesman I may trade again if I like the way the 2020's look.


2020 Chevrolet 2500 HD High Country.JPG

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2 minutes ago, massbowtie said:

I hope its better looking than the 2020 Silverado.

Does anyone know what cut off date is to order a 2019 ?  I heard the 2020`s will hit the lots in mid 2019 and a dealer told me the cut off date to order a 2019 was December 2018 ? Does that sound right ?


December is too early to stop ordering the following year models.  It's usually May or June.  But if December is correct that means the 2020's will be out sooner than expected.

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The only pictures I have seen are the ones with light camo, from my stand point I like the GMC front end better than the chevy but I'm not thrilled about the fender well shape of the GMC. I'm anxious to see one without the camo and to see one in person. They for sure are going to look a lot different than the current model....


2020-gmc-sierra-hd-spy-photos-1 (1).jpg

2020-gmc-sierra-hd-spy-photos-1 (4).jpg

2020-gmc-sierra-hd-spy-photos-1 (2).jpg

2020-gmc-sierra-hd-spy-photos-1 (3).jpg

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32 minutes ago, dmax_ty said:

I like the fenders on the HD more than the 1500s. 

Yes I’m glad they are symmetrical. That front edge on the 1500 annoys the hell out of me. Overall I think the Denali HD will be the winner of all the T1 trucks. It seems to be the most traditional and without any apparent crazy styling designs. Only thing I really don’t like is the cut out of the bumper where the grill comes down. It’s annoying and really serves no purpose, but compared to pointless aerocurtains on the Silverado 1500 and the monstrosity of a front end the Silverado 2500 is, I will take it any day. 

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I can’t quite get on board with the mirrors either. I understand the attempt to increase visibility,  but the damn things look like a complete after thought. 
I. Hate. The. Mirror. Mount.

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I really dont think these new 2020 HD trucks look good at all, I didn't have a problem with any other GM trucks but these are brutal, the mirrors are horrible and the front ends dont look good to me, interior still isn't comparable to the other big 2... this solidified that I will be getting a powerstroke to replace my LML!

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