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Hi all I got a 2019 Denali Sierra, I have read all these post and they say turn off auto highbeam use the button on the end of the turn signal, but i have no button on mine like the other 2019s i have looked at. does anyone know if there is a button or switch to turn off and on. other than turning headlights on manual or turning foglights on 

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I'd say you do not have the Intellibeam option. The button would be at the end of the Wipers switch handle. Plus Intellibeam requires the Windshield Front Camera located just behind the rearview mirror. This camera also is used for Lane Keep Assist and other safety features.

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On a 2019 Denali intellibeam was optional


TQ5    IntelliBeam, automatic high beam on/off
1 - Included and only available with (PDJ) Driver Alert Package II. 


TQ5 and or PDJ rpo codes in the QR code or the build sheet would verify installation.. (a phone with a qr code reader app is needed --- and they QR doesn't have all the codes so it might be necessary to get the build sheet)


But, if the 'A' lights up on the dash, it would seem that intellibeam is both installed and operating.


If there isn't a button in the end of the blinker/headlight stalk it would seem a dealer visit is in order.


Fwiw, older sierra's with LED lights and intellibeam activated/deactivated the system by moving the blink stalk fore/aft, as is done to flash lights or engage high beams.  It was difficult for many to use, so the button seems like a much better idea.

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9 hours ago, Joe LoPresti said:

i do have front camera and lane keep assist , the dash has the A indicator when lights on,high beams come on and go off when there is on coming vehicle,  that is why i am asking about turning signal button, also have original window sticker. It was almost 70g new sierra Denali

Take Redwngr's advice and see the dealership. If there is not a button at the end of the stalk [It is inside the column and inset slightly], it must not have been installed but the wiring might be there to allow installation along with a few parts needed.

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@Joe LoPresti

With my '18, you can turn Intellibeam ON/OFF by momentarily moving the turn signal stock forward (lock HIGHs ON) and then immediately back to neutral (HIGHs OFF).  If Intellibeam is ON and your headlights are HIGH, as soon as you engage the HIGHs (no matter how long), when you return the stock back to neutral, your HIGHs and Intellibeam will be OFF.



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Good Grief now I have to make a trip outside to check mine. Only got 650 miles on it so not familiar with all the changes from the 18 yet. 

OK I am back and yes this 2019 July 2019 build date Denali Ultimate has the button. 


Joe do you know what your build date is on your truck? Just wondering if the real early models might still use the old style intellibeams like the 18 and back where you move the blinker stem back and forth to turn the IntelliBeam system off and on? I would probably have to elevate this to a GM rep as I would be a little upset if I were in Joe's shoes on this.   


Excerpt from owners manual:

IntelliBeam System If equipped, this system turns the vehicle's high-beam headlamps on and off according to surrounding traffic conditions. The system turns the high-beam headlamps on when it is dark enough and there is no other traffic present. This light (headlight with A inside)   comes on in the instrument cluster when the IntelliBeam system is enabled. Turning On and Enabling IntelliBeam To enable the IntelliBeam system, press the button on the end of the turn signal lever when the exterior lamp control is in the AUTO or 2 position. The blue high-beam on light appears on the instrument cluster when the high beams are on. Driving with IntelliBeam The system only activates the high beams when driving over 40 km/h (25 mph). There is a sensor near the top center of the windshield that automatically controls the system.

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10 hours ago, Joe LoPresti said:

dealer said this is how this truck came off production line, only way to turn off auto high beam is to turn on fog lights


Why don't they put the correct directional stalk with the intella beam button in??

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Is it an early build 2019?


Can intellibeam be activated/deactivated using the method that the older vehicles used? 


I'm curious if the truck has the wrong stalk or it the change to the button was implemented as a running change. 



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I know this is an old thread. But I was wondering has anyone had success in adding the Intellibeam.

I have a 2019 LTZ 2500 Crew Cab with the Collision alert and lane departure camera. Could it be as simple as adding the 

Indicator stalk with the button.

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