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Overhead console removal help

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I have the 2020 2500 LTZ trim level with back slide window and without sunroof. So i want to remove the overhead console to install a panel of rocker switches posterior to the console right where the roof liner scoops down. I am stuck on how to remove the single button switch for the rear slide window. I tried what i know but don't want to break it. Please share if anyone have come across this. Thanks

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Don't know how close u are to ur dealer but I would go to the parts Dept and have them look up the parts breakdown


I would think it's a pop on cover if it's not able to fit thru the hole but just my thought...


Also is there 2 more screws towards the windshield to mount the whole unit to the roof


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On 3/6/2020 at 4:20 PM, mollerism said:

I think he is wanting to do the same thing I am.


please post a write up on this or pictures when you get this done as the place they have put the upfitter switches seem like they needed to be put in a better location like they did in the 19 down models but maybe it is just me

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On 3/7/2020 at 4:55 PM, mollerism said:

Can’t get the trim piece off. The rear window switch is in the way. Anybody know if the rocker pops off of the switch?


You dont need to remove that trim piece. Take out the 2 torx screws closest to the windshield - deep in the holes. They are black. 
Once you take them out you can pry the console out from the side next to the Homelink buttons. 

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Kudos to Limelight! There are two T15 screws towards the mirror. They are way up in there. No need to remove the two T10 screws. Just pull the two T15 and then pull down.

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Thank you mollerism and Limelight! I been away and couldn't check-in to my post. Yes, I want to do what you're doing mollerism. I didn't get the upfitter option but I don't like that they placed it to the left of the steering wheel. So I assume there should be plenty of space within that scoop to mount a large switch panel. I am certainly going to finish the project this weekend! 

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Added upper switch bank.

So if someone finds this post they can see the whole writeup

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