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New lift, gas mileage went to hell.

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Hey all,


I recently had a 7.5in vertex lift installed on my 2011 Silverado by a very reputable shop. Truck looks awesome but my mpgs took a major hit. Only fill up with premium. I know trucks aren’t known for stellar gas mileage but going from 15/18 to ~11 mpg is a killer.

Truck specs:

- 5.3L with Diablo afm disabler used to prevent oil consumption (it works).

- 18x8.5 in wheels with 275/65 duratracs (nitrogen inflated). 2in spacers all around.

- K&N air filter.

- new plugs and wires with ~30k miles on them.

- flowmaster super 44 dual exhaust.


I’ve cleaned the throttle body and MAF. Hooked up my obd II and no codes. 

Other than removing the lift what can I do?


Thanks in advance!




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Well you changed the aerodynamics of the truck and is going to impact mileage. Also with louder exhaust there is a good chance you are driving differently than normal.  I have yet to see anyone with a loud exhaust drive normal.  My neighbor seems to have to gun it every time so that's dipping into his fuel economy,  bet you do the same??

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I know those type of guys- I’m. It that type, with my daughter and other kids playing in the neighborhood I’m very mindful of my speed. I enjoy that low idling grumble.

I don’t need to be the first one off the line and try to avoid hard stop. 

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8 hours ago, DrDaveMD89 said:

Other than removing the lift what can I do?


Nail the alignment than install a Linear Logic Scan Gauge II to monitor your driving habits and drive like it's a 10 ton dump truck overloaded  in a school zone and a DOT cop watching; and you have no brakes. That should get you about 2 mpg back. then make it a lifestyle. 😉 


That's not me being funny. 2 mph is nearly 20% from where you are. You will be shocked if you monitor yourself and on dozen silly little things you do that hurt mileage. Easy to correct things that will not neuter your manliness. If you measure it, you can correct it....right? The truck silly...........measure the truck........:crackup:


Iowa, eh? We're neighbors. It is a pretty truck though.... Not being a huge fan of lifted that is a major compliment...

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