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Gas Prices


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6 hours ago, KARNUT said:

Interesting someone was saying how cheap it was to live in your area yesterday. Gas here is 2$ cheaper. How much are eggs? At least you have an excellent view.

LOL  Karnut I estimate we live at least  150 miles apart as the crow flies and he in a more highly demanded area. Mountains make everything farther away....LOL  I'm closer to poor old NM. 


BTW the rich Texans here leave about October and roll back in bright and early in late June.....the wives are an issue. Once they realize its 100 miles to Pueblo or 90 miles to Taos they stop coming up with their men.....LOL  


I have the perfect woman to help me. Now if only she'd lift those sand bags for the trail boss bed.....LOL 





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7 hours ago, diyer2 said:

$4.70 in town. Usually 20 cents at least a gallon cheaper next town, 60 miles round trip away.

I paid $3.88 for E15 at Maverik in Alamosa where I have to go for VA care and get the truck washed generally twice a week.  City Market and Walmart are our attractions.


We are going to have a Mardi Gras party Monday at 1500 so all are invited.....chain up...LOL 

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6 hours ago, diyer2 said:

Egss I don't remember the cost, just know they weren't cheap. 

Our costs for utilities have gone up for sure compared to city living. 


Living rural means traveling for basic needs. Worth it to us. 





I feel ya on that. I am VERY fortunate to have maybe one the lowest cost and most engaged electric CO-OP's in US. So my electric ( I am all electric with a Honda Gen backup) allows me VERY low electric costs.  Also I am super insulated in attic, spray foam in crawlspace, ETS heater driving 90% of my heat. Big Ass Hunter fan moving that warm air. Insulated curtains for double doors, etc.  Giant windows provide a breathtaking view but leak but I take that. 40-80 mph winds up here on the mesa on the side of the forest move most of my snow, LOL.  

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