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Turn Signal works incorrectly on '07 Sierra



Vehicle is a 2007 Sierra WT with 75000 miles.


I had my front brakes changed 3 days ago along with a coolant and trans fluid exchange at Sears auto.


I had no issues until the second day of driving when I started my truck and the turn signal would make a right hand signal in the Off AND Right hand positions but there was no signal when placed in the Left hand position. So, there is no Left signal at all. I have attempted to jiggle any wire clusters under the steering and knuckle knock the area of the turn signal stick but to no avail.


It doesn't seem like the service work would have anything to do with turn signals and that it could be completely unrelated, but that's why I am asking if it might. One electrical issue I've had since I bought the truck (second hand with 2,800 miles on it....was supposedly leased by a church prior to my purchase) is that very infrequently, once every few months, I will start the truck and the clock will incorrectly read 12:00 as if the battery had been disconnected or something...it's the original radio/clock.


Other work done: slid off highway into tree lined fence in snowstorm on passenger side and had body work done; and rear ended while stopped at a light, offender probably doing 25 mph. More body work. Nothing else besides regular maintenance.


Is this a relay issue? Is it possible the recent service could have initiated this failure? Any ideas?


Thank You for any help,


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