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97 Suburban making clunking sound

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I have a 97 Chevy Suburban The first problem that started is you would be driving it down the road and it sounded like the engine and everything would cut out, but only for a split second and then come right back on.Now it has recently started making a big clunk sound when driving down the highway. It doesn't do it when you are accelerating or decelerating it will just come out of nowhere when you are going down the highway. But it also doesn't do it all the time either. and it never does it on regular roads at lower speeds I was told that it may be the transmission, but I'm not sure if I believe that because it doesn't do it when the truck is shifting gears. We have had transmission problems in the past in this same vehicle a few years back, and we took it to get it fixed at a transmission shop (tranny is the one thing my hubby doesn't know much about when it comes to fixing them). about a year after that it started to go bad again, since we had a warranty on the tranny we took it back to the same place and the mechanic said that our transfer case was causing the transmission problems so he removed our transfer case and fixed it again. that was about 2-3 years ago. I already have over 1500 in the transmission, and before that we replaced the motor. this truck has had alot of work and I'd love to keep her but we can't figure out this problem... If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated, We need to get her fixed, as I would hate to see her go. And with this mechanical issue I know we wont get near what we have in her if we sell it.

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