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INTRODUCTION / 2006+ Bluetooth/Android/iPhone DIYKIT FEELER

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DISCLAIMER: This is a repost of the post I just submitted in the Technology Sub-Forum. I wasn't sure which to post to, so I submitted to both. MODS: Please feel free to delete/move either one.


Greetings everyone,


First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Chris, and I'm what you would call a "tinkerer", "hacker", "maker", or "enthusiast". I'm also recently returned to the GM/Chevy Stock after taking a 12+ year detour into the world of AMC (Jeeps), and Volkswagen. I'm a father of three, and I work in the Industrial Automation Industry (I teach it). In my spare time I build or "fix" things. After repairing my 2011 Golf TDI for the "nTH" time in a year (only 60K on it and had to spend close to $8K worth in repairs, in one year, due to poor mechanical designs (A/C Failed three times (compressors and RCV, 30K, 45K, 62K), plastic radiator mount broke (killing A/C lines), DPF failed twice (32K, 58k), EGR system failed, Electrical + Window Regulators failed at 30K, I had enough of "German Engineering". I was brought into this world riding in a GM (Olds), grew up with Chevy for my entire childhood, but at 18 I bought my "first" car, a 1985 Jeep Wagoneer. I loved that Jeep, but I drove my grandfather's 1996 Chevy Cheyenne every time the Jeep was down for maintenance (I even learned to drive stick in it.) In the last 12 years I've owned 18 Vehicles (+/- 2), but just recently purchased my first GM in all that time. A 2009 Chevy Suburban LTZ (fully loaded).


And I gotta say, I feel like Jake "Joliet" Blues (Blues Brothers) when he "got the message" during the Sermon w/ James Brown. I have never loved a truck so much, at least as an adult. Even with all it's problems. I bought it used, 2 owners, 138K. In the first week and a half I put 1500 miles on it just to "get a feel" for it. Big surprise, the dealer lied/hid a bunch of problems, (intermittent start, faulty air suspension sensors, faulty A/C Blender Flaps, and a few other issues that did not present during the test drive, but showed up less than 24 hours after leaving the lot). Even with all the issues, they still don't overshadow the benefits of this truck. I truly am smitten.


This brings us to the topic at hand. Like I said earlier, I like to "fix" things, and the very first thing I found wrong with the truck (besides the mechanical problems), was the input/output opitons of the UQA (Denso DW468100-6601) and lack of Bluetooth + A2DP in the On* VCIM. Also, the Rear Seat Entertainment + Rear Audio Controls only allowed for RCA/Composite Video inputs with no Steering wheel controls, keep rubbing me the wrong way. I understand that this vehicle is 2009, and A2DP was not common in vehicles until 2010/2011, as well as the whole "Connected Car" Infotainment sectors were still pretty niche markets. It doesn't change the fact that in the last few cars I've had, they all had A2DP capability, which I became addicted to. I hate wires in the cab, and I hate distractions while driving. So I sought out a way to fix that. Much to the disapproval of my wife, in the first week I had the head unit torn apart down to the last PCB, the center console was in the garage, and for the last 2 weeks we've been having to commute 300 miles a week with no music. That all changed today. The truck is full reassembled (for now), and it's pretty much back to stock. The only permanent change so far is replacing the rear 12v Aux Output to a dual 5V USB port for the kids' iPods. My workbench however is littered with prototype RGB/TTL + ARM CoMs, deadbugged TI VD231 Transceivers, ESP8266s and an Old 3G T-Mobile USB Dongle.... Eventually, it's all going to be built in to one PCB. Over the past two weeks I've managed to rig up a system that allowed me to stream audio (Pandora) and Video, as well as have steering wheel controls of the Audio, all using the stock head unit and wiring harness.


Here comes the feeler. Would anyone be interested in a kit that allowed all of the above in almost any 2006+ GM vehicle? I did some rough cost analysis, and to hit good Benefit-Cost Ratio, I would have to sell the units for about $100 +/- $10 + S&H. That's at a low quantity of 50 units, and about a 45 day lead time once orders are placed. I'm almost done with the CAD work on the PCB, and I have enough parts on hand to build 3 "complete" prototypes. I'll post a video soon, once I get back from a trip this coming weekend. I did a quick search of similar products on the market but wasn't really able to find one that did everything I can do, but if anyone knows of something that can do the same thing, please let me know. I don't want to duplicate efforts or hurt another potential entrepreneur. I basically just wanted to say hello, and pop the question while I had some free time (and was riding the excitement of my own personal breakthrough).


Oh, and one last thing. Once the items are finalized/produced, I am going to release the entire source code, schematics, and build-instructions as open source hardware. Either GPLv2 or BSD. This way, anyone else who wants to build their own, or improve on my design, can. I'm only keeping it semi-secret at the moment to protect a potential marketability avenue. Anyone who is in my field could probably build the same thing just going off the current description and a basic understanding of automotive communication protocols.


Thank you, and have a great day.

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