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Who has got them? Please post your type, size, pictures (if you have any) and most importantly; your thoughts about them- looks, function, value, longevity, paint to match vs. matte or bedliner finish.


I’ve got a 2015 Silverado High Country 1500. It sometimes looks like this:



Because I live here:



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My truck is lifted six inches, I’m running  34x12.5 R18  5” backspacing, I think that is zero offset.


I am going to try and rectify this, a set of small flares and some actual mud flaps should do a lot. I’m in the process and of getting a custom set of mud flaps from DuraFlap (thanks WaterFowler41).

For fender flares, I want to avoid the large, flexible, fake bolt headed ones and their smooth equivalents. I just don’t like them. However the small ones, I can tolerate. Painted to match ones may actually look good. 


The smaller polypropylene  ones ones are less than four inches wide and only add .75 inch of additional width. I think that may do a fair amount towards keeping the windows clean. There are some stainless ones that are quite narrow,  it they add even less width.


I’ll add some pictures of the ones I’m considering.

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do not buy the putco stainless wheel molding for 2014 silverado very poor fit

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