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2006 to 2018 Duramax front bumper conversion

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new here. just throwing this out there to see if anyone has info on how hard it is to convert the front bumper on a 2006 Silverado 2500HD to a 2018 Silverado 2500HD or what needs to be done to get it done. heres a picture i found on Facebook of it done. just need more info.


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    • By Irving
      Just installed an S&B cold air intake #75-5103D with the (white) Dry extendable filter. Got it on amazon for 399$ same price as the S&B website , but shipping took 2 days with prime , S&B wanted 40$ to ship it standard. Installation was easy , and it looks really nice under the hood in my opinion, but better yet I can definitely hear the turbo whistle even more than stock. I still have the DPF and the catalytic behind the turbo so its not a nice full flowing whistle , but its loud enough to make me smile lol. Just wanted to create this thread for those with a Duramax (L5P) that were wondering on this CAI. I recommend It, I know is pricey , but most mods to these truck are. LMK if you have any questions 👍🏻

    • By Doonatic
      Hey guys,
      As some of you know I have asked a few questions before. So you will know I have had my truck for MANY years. So here it goes.
      When I lived in Tx, I bought a lifetime alignment (7 years ago). (Truck is lifted, so I know I would be doing this frequently.) Since I have moved back to Az (3 yrs ago), I have taken my truck in 3 times now, and they “say” they can not align my front end properly for whatever excuse they always give (alignment rack to small, techs capability is not advanced enough, you name it). Regardless the place I would take it in Waco could. In 2 years I have gone through a set of tires that I normally get 50-60k out of. 
      So the store has suggested “new camber bolts” in the UCA frame mounts. Seems like they are just fishing to make some money, since they are losing it from a lifetime alignment. 
      Has anyone ever changed they camber bolts on the UCA so they don’t “drift” during normal driving. I have found a couple replacements on line, but they dont look as if they have any more adjustment than that of the stock camber bolts. If so, what have you gone with?
      Side note:  UCAs, Tie Rods, ball joints, and hub/bearing assemblies and tires have all been changed to aftermarket.  Also installed a “beefier” idle/pitman arm brackets to prevent wear on steering. Also adjusting the torsion bars higher, could also prevent the vehicle from proper alignment. However, RCD Lifts claim that is not a requirement for their lift kit. Lift kit installed on truck prior to my purchasing 13 years ago.
    • By kellycapps
      I purchased a brand new Suburban in 2015 from Sawgrass Chevrolet in November 2015. Over the last 6 months my husband and I noticed the paint on the hood of the vehicle is faded and has noticiable swirls. I had it evaluated by a auto body shop and they confirmed the paint is defective and there is no clear coat. I've also been told by the dealership that this is a very common issue they have seen on the hood/ over the engine. Yet, there is nothing they can do, I must contact GM. How is it possible that this is a know issue and there is no resolution. My car is just over four years old! My 10 year old Ford Expedition's paint looked close to brand new compared to this!!!
      Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? CLASS Action lawsuit?????
    • By Rdy2Rmbl
      hi guys, I recently discovered damage to the air deflector on my truck, and want to replace it. I did some searching and found the exact part for $298, but
      found the GM version to be significantly cheaper at $56. Will the GM part bolt up to my truck without any issues? Any reason to pay $230 more for the chevy version?
      chevy part: https://www.gmpartsonline.net/oem-parts/gm-bumper-filler-84029800
      gm: https://www.gmpartsonline.net/oem-parts/gm-air-deflector-23381985
      thank you for taking the time to handle my request.
    • By Andy64
      I have a 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500hd with all black leather and plastic console in great condition and I am looking for an all black jump seat to swap it out with to haul more people.
      Please let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details.

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