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I made vent deflectors for the under seat vents that you can 3d print.

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I had a buddy of mine print up a set of the Vent deflectors that 737mechanic designed so I installed them on my lunch break.

Don't mind the dirty floors, I've actually been using the truck to transport people and things around...


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On 5/25/2020 at 12:29 PM, CamGTP said:

What printer do you have? (sorry if I missed that).


I'm looking at the Ender 3 Pro printer for just a newbie unit.

The Ender 3 pro is a good beginner 3D printer. i bought one as my first printer. i will say that the "trial" material that comes with it is garbage, literally throw that stuff away and run hatchbox at the minimum. 

Play with the setting for a few days. there is alot of good info out there for this machine. 

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Update on the vent deflectors, My printer has been running almost non stop for 5 days and I have 13 sets printed and am waiting on some padded envelopes to mail these in. If you want a set PM me and I will message you when I am ready to start mailing.


Total price including shipping will be $25.00, I hope that sounds fair.


Just a quick note, I shortened the deflectors about 1/2in because it shaved almost 4 hours off the print time, They work the same as the original design so be aware of that slight difference between the original and the product I will be printing for shipment. I attached a picture of the difference


The file I have uploaded will remain the same so if you download and print your own it will be slightly deeper. 


Too the guys talking about getting a printer. I have the Ender 3 Pro and it holds its own to much more expensive printers, The nice thing is it is very inexpensive and has tons of support from not only the manufacturer but the online community as well. Trust me you will not be disappointed in this printer.


Here is a link to the Ender 3 Pro

Here is the regular Ender 3



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On 5/21/2020 at 8:26 AM, HeySkippyDog said:

The entire cab cools down pretty fast if you crank the fan to maximum speed, open all the front vents and point them straight, turn on recirculation, and set your temp knob(s) to LO.


The problem occurs when you have someone in a front seat who closes their vent or angles it towards the window. Blast that ******, it's gotta make it to the rear!


My rule is no messing with the vents, the temperature, or the fan. If you're thin blooded, bring a jacket. I'll take the fan speed down after I can see frost building on the rear glass.


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Likewise, but I don't like it when my wife drives it without me, and she changes all of my settings.  ?   She has to have it sub-zero.  ?


I cool off my cab, quick, by opening the sunroof in "vent," drive for about 10 miles, and close it.  Sucks the hot air out pretty quick.  On my vehicles without a sunroof, I usually crack one of the back windows, same rule.

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I jist saw this thread and the same thing on the what have you done K2 thread and for those of you who want to get these you can use a site called treatstock.com . It'll give you instant quotes for items you want to have made by all the vendors on there. So you can have them arranged by price and whatnot. Also picking out material and color instantly. Sorry to cut in unannounced on both threads, but i figured this will help someone at least and if not for this, for some other 3d print project someone comes across that they want. [emoji106]

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