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How many guys not having problems with high mileage

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On 5/28/2020 at 7:47 PM, Grumpy Bear said:

My 2015 RCSB 4.3 six speed rolled over 117,000 today. Two minor repairs. A pinion seal that I could have not done and would have taken a lifetime to empty the diff but I can't stand damp seals. $8. Replaced a small plastic 'filler' around the starter that warped and caused some noise. $10 part but $100 to get at it.  


A few recalls like the seat belt. A power steering module reprogram. I've ignored the ABS brake vacuum calibration. If the pump fails I'll replace it instead of putting a band-aid on it.


Everything else has been something I wanted to do, not needed to. Still on the OEM tires and brakes. One set of wiper blades.


Some I'm sure think I over maintain her but....I like the results. The longer it runs the better it runs. 


Well update time. 166,000 miles on this unit. Replaced first set of tires at 125,000 miles. Wipers about 3times? One set of plugs and wires. STILL on OEM brakes with over half left up front. Power flushed twice. Original battery.  Keep up on the body and paint best I can. Interior, under hood, underbody...Mint!


Still fanatical about lubrication, alignment and tire care and cooling. Going in soon for the air bag recall. Tune ups and fluid changes. Wash and wax. Drive and yea, still baby it. Most recent photo a few weeks ago. Caught a rock in the top passenger headlamp that cracked the lens. Replacement on its way. Started using a tiny bit of oil. Not even enough to top up by 5K miles. 



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So I'll try to give a non-biased overview with my 2014 GMC Sierra with almost 123,000 miles. Honestly, when problems occur with this truck, it is usually very small inconveinences that - while annoying - are very cheap and can be fixed in my driveway (and I'm no mechanic).


Leaking 3rd brake light? $17 gasket. Radiator fan not turning off? $55 thermostat. 6L80 running hot? $60 thermal bypass valve.

Occasionally there's some weird electrical gremlins like the infamous "Service Trailer Brake" and for a little while I was getting a bad catalytic converter code, but these usually reappear at random like a day or two a year and then I never see them again.


I did have the leaking radiator and cooling lines issue and that cost me a ton of money and, I won't lie, it made me a little bit frightened by the truck. However, besides that one issue which was years ago at this point, it's been mechanically sound and has more than paid for itself. Across my entire duration of ownership, I have barely spent any money fixing this vehicle

Cosmetically, the onyx black paint is in incredible condition and the interior is the same as it was when I got the vehicle. Unfortunately, the frame is pretty ugly and despite my best efforts my rocker panels are rotting away :( However, if I were to fix the rockers right now, there would be no corrosion on the body.


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