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Dealer pricing ridiculous on 2500

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There is usually a sucker out there who will buy it, which is why they price things like that. And if not, they'll lower the price a thousand or so at a time until another sucker does.   Right now these trucks are in pretty decent demand and the dealers and resellers know it. 

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10 hours ago, cmysstailights said:

55k, new is around that price with rebates. This dealer has always been high on their prices. I was looking 4 yrs ago for a suburban. They had a low mileage lt with rear ent. Package, $52k found same 1 with less mileage same packages in ct for 45k

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55K for a $76,000 MSRP High Country Diesel 2020 brand new?  LOL OK.  Please, go ahead and show me one.  






At best at a similar MSRP, they are no more than $10,000 off for a brand new one.  Also, used market it kinda F'd up too as demand for inventory is high as is demand for buying.  



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3 hours ago, miker2702 said:

I have no use for a high country and all of that. The used work 2500 trucks are now selling for more than they were new in my area.

Of course talking trucks with 20k miles or less etc. Especially 2017-2018 models.

i daily drive a work truck crew 2500HD.  i have better things to spend my money on than an expensive truck.  i tell the kids just to drop their empty food packages in the vinyl floor, that’s why i bought a cheap truck!

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It's the same everywhere, used prices are up almost 25% with this whole Covid thing... I started out looking for a good 2 or 3 year old truck in May and ended up ordering a 2021 for the a few thousand more than what I was finding used.  

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finally back to 2500. really had given up just stick with what I had and get a decent deal on a year older truck.

first time had a dealer cut me a check. 6 hour drive but got to spend some time away in a nice area.

lost a year and had 20k more miles but its done.  

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check out Hemmings motors, i would look for a 1 owner used model years between 2000-2013  truck with low milage for $25-$35,000 and garaged kept . some people buy these trucks and use them 3 x a year to haul something. they are out there but people want real money for everything these days, there are no deals


2500 HD trucks are getting rare, and production on new trucks is low due to shut down



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