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New Member - hooking up dual battery system...???


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Hi All,

I have a 2006 Sierra 2500HD, 6.6 duramax, 4x4. It is my everyday work truck that goes out rain or shine. I am looking to put a dual battery system in the mobile office/darkroom that is on the back. I am running an ac (inverter) and a dc system curently off the start battery. We have been having issues with the trucks computer because of the draw from the original system. I want to put a new system in with dual deep cycle batteries in the back. I know I want to put in a isolator and fusable links in the proper places but I have no idea how big of cable to run to the back and how big (amps) I need to make the fuses, isolators, switches, ect. I would also like to make the new system easy to turn off and on so I do not kill the new deepcycle batteries every time I use the truck and then leave it overnight. Can anyone help me sort through some of this fun stuff???



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