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Nitro Crossteks--Anyone Else Have Praises/Criticism?


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So, it's finally tire time for my '06 Sierra again. I replaced the Goodyear Wranglers that came on my truck with Nitto Crossteks 3 1/2 years ago. Wear has been excellent on both--I bought the truck with 38k on the odometer and put almost 80k on the Goodyear's. Now the Nittos have over 70k on them. Honestly, if my truck wasn't 15 months overdue for an inspection, I'd squeeze out another 10k or so. I've never had the tires balanced and the truck was last aligned when they were installed. Also, I might have rotated them every 15-20k...more so when I had a good air compressor. Even so, the tires have worn fairly evenly and would have passed and inspection easily when it was first due.


Anyway, my truck is now at 190k miles and still going strong. I didn't pay much attention when I bought the current tires, and just noticed they are P265/70/17. The LT265/70/17E ones are currently $30 less than I paid, and I'm seriously considering sticking with Crossteks. They've been quiet, comfortable, have pulled a poorly loaded trailer weighing 10,000 lbs from Louisiana to Georgia, and have done everything I've asked, despite the current ones being passenger tires.


One tire has a superficial (but scary looking, at first glance) gash in the sidewall that appeared while the truck sat dormant for 9 months. At least two have a plug or two in them from various screws and nails picked up over the years. All lose air evenly (or not at all) depending on the season. I checked it last week for the first time in two months and each tire still held the 38 psi I inflated them to awhile ago.


The Goodyear Wranglers' last hurrah was when I got bogged down in the front yard a few years ago; steady snow and ice for a week and then a rainy 50-degree Christmas Day, coupled with a failure to engage 4wd in a timely manner, led to an embarrassing situation in which the truck was sunk to the wheels without any traction. At the time I wanted to upgrade to 285/70/17 Terra Grapplers after reading good things here...now I'm of the opinion that bigger tires aren't needed on a truck pushing 200k miles, not to mention that I've read some less-than-stellar reviews of the Terra Grappler's mileage since then. In a tight spot, I went with what was on sale and ended up with the Crossteks. Besides the price, I was drawn to their claim of being engineered for wet conditions: South Louisiana is known for torrential rains at times, and Coastal Georgia isn't much better.


Anyway, what has been your experience with these tires? Am I a fool not to shop around more? Are there any tires with similar qualities that could be had for less ($155/tire right now)? I'll probably be replacing the tires in a week or so, so there's plenty of time to change my mind.

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