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2018 Acadia Transmission Manual Range select


I've a 2018 GMC Acadia.  It is a FWD 3.6L/6T70.  Recently, I've not been able to move the shift lever to Low ranges.  It was intermittent at first & today I was not able to shift it into low range at all.

Wondering: if anyone else has experienced this?, Fix?, Bulletin?   This is a potential safety issue.

Thanx Bob

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A 2018 is still under warranty unless you managed to mile out in under a year. 

Not sure how this could be safety issue though. Can't recall any incident that I have run into where manually shift to low was ever called for. It's only been near 45 years driving though, perhaps it has not had time to pop up yet. 

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Low range is a Federal requirement.  NHTSA would view this as a safety issue.  I use it frequently (when it works).  Apparently you haven't been down Mt. Haleakala or Mt. Washington. Low range is a must there. Guess you need to drive more than just 45 years.  Thanx for the helpful answer.

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Apparently there is a bulletin out on the shifter.  The dealer has my car now & he tells me the shifter is broken in two areas. The shifter is either being redesigned or is already.  But he has no idea how long it will be to get a new shifter assembly .  Could be weeks as it is back ordered.

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