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Spare tire question with body lift and looking for body lift pics with level kit

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Hello i just joined and i need help . I have a 2012 Silverado 1500 4x4 with a 3.5" level kit and im planning on doing a rc 3" body lift . With the body lift can i still use my spare tire ? And what will i loose? And if you guys have a similar setup with a 3" BL can you post some pictures! Thanks for the help! 


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    • By DenaliX14
      After  being down nearly 6 months the Denali is almost finished. The shop based out of Hudson, NH  “Granite State Dyno and Tune” has been incredible. Super professional with absolutely top notch craftsmanship. 
      Here is the build. 
      2014 Sierra Denali 6.2L
      GM 6.2L. 
      Forged crankshaft 
      Forged rods 
      Diamond 10:7:1 Pistons. 
      Precision Race Components ported Cylinder Heads w/ valve job
      PAC spring/ Valve Kit. 
      Comp Cams rocker arms/trunion 
      Texas Speed & Performance Stage 1 Camshaft +30% fuel lobe
      TSP AFM delete kit
      Lingenfelter ported 95mm throttle body
      Ported L86 intake manifold. 
      All ARP bolts or studs. 
      GM ZR1 high volume fuel injectors 
      GM ZR1 fuel pump 
      Armageddon 465 LPH in tank fuel pump
      Snow Performance Stage 3 Meth Kit with controller and braided lines. 
      Borg Warner S480 T6 Turbo 1.32 AR billet 110/96mm.  
      Turbo smart 50mm BOV
      Turbo Smart 60mm waste gate
      Pro Boost controller 
      fully wrapped exhaust
      Cooling/Oil separators 
      Mishimoto fully aluminum Radiator 
      Mishimoto R-Line Intercooler 31x 12x 4”
      Mishimoto HD Trans Cooler
      2X Mishimoto Black Aluminum catch cans. 
      Circle D pro 3 torque converter 2700 stall. 
      I think that sums it up... I will post tuning videos and some driving clips as soon as they’re available. Should have it in the next couple weeks. I’m excite!!

    • By rhino8
      I drive a ‘14 Silverado and recently put a centennial emblem on the tailgate but since the emblems do not fit the grill I left the gold. Does anyone know if they make a Centennial Edition overlay/ wrap? 
    • By Huntere
      So I have recently purchased a Range AFM disabler for my 2017 Silverado 1500 E-assist because of the constant stopping and starting at stop lights, exhaust drone from V4, weird shifting from V4 to V8 and my transmission liking to jerk/shifting hard every so often.
      After installing the Range device, it has solved my transmission issues, disabled stopping and starting at stop lights, and has been keeping it in V8 mode 24/7! The only thing I have noticed is that when I am decelerating from a speed of around 50 MPH or more, the engine will have a fast repetitive backfiring popping sound until i either get back on the gas pedal or have reached a speed of 35 MPH.
      It seems to happen when i am decelerating slowly and not fast, starts to backfire when it starts to downshift at around 900-1100 RPMs
      I have a flowmaster Super40 cat-back dual 2.5 inch exhaust with the third "cat" still on. It used to not backfire when the AFM was active BUT when decelerating, it would switch back into V4 mode. is there a way to fix this? Is there too much freeflowing exhaust? Can this backfiring through the exhaust cause any damage if left unfixed?
    • By GavinKBarnes
      I have a 2010 Silverado 5.3 LT 4x4 and my engine stalls when accelerating or revving, it doesn't get past 2000RPMs and starts making a deep almost rumble noise. I unplugged my MAF it almost kills my engine so I didn't believe it was that. I just replaced my TPS. After somebody recommending I test my fuel pressure, I did so and the results were as follows:
      Fuel pressure at 60psi with power on (not started), about 57 idling, and once you press in the accelerator, almost immediately shakes between 40-43 and doesn't move from there until the engine stalls out. Is this my fuel pump or something else entirely? 
      Thanks for the assistance.
    • By LojanTheGreat121
      Howdy! New to the forum, not sure if I’m doing this right. Anyhow, I’d like to install true duals with an X pipe on my Silverado. It’s a 2002 1500 Extended cab with the 5.3L. Is there a bolt on exhaust system like the one I’m looking for, or would I need to have it custom built and fit at a shop? If I need to have it built, is there a good exhaust shop in Western Kentucky you could recommend? Thank you!
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