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2017 silverado mylink not working (IntelliLink)

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So my battery needed a jump on sunday leaving o'riley's. got them to give me a jump and as i'm driving home, the radio shuts off. now the tv only turns on when I put the truck in reverse. i checked the radio fuse and its good. also opened up the glove compartment and unplugged the blue cable for 15 sec like i saw in a youtube video. I should also add that im able to listen to the radio using the steering wheel controls but only for about 15 min before it shuts itself off.

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I'm having this SAME issue. I had to get a jump after letting my battery drain (my fault there). The process was followed perfectly. Because I knew i'd have a recovering battery, I turned the infotainment system off by holding the power button for 3 seconds. My battery needed to be replaced after I noticed the truck struggling to start. I replaced the battery and it starts great, but my infotainment system hasn't come back on. It has been over 3 weeks! I tried the fuse and the blue cable behind the glove box, no results. The backup camera comes on when I reverse, but the backup guidance doesn't work (those are the orange and red lines that change as you move the steering wheel). The radio works via the steering wheel for about 15 min and then dies. I do not have an onstar account nor do I have a xm subscription, but I have seen a couple comments where calling onstar fixed the issue. I guess they can send a signal to the radio??? 



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