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Is the Electronic Control Module for the transfer case 4x4 making engi

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My gmc yukon transfer case is going bad. You can hear it clanging around while in drive. Not my issue. Well, not yet... lol


When I first had an issue, it seemed like the 4x4 switch inside the truck was going bad or something because it wouldnt switch all the time. When u heard it clicking inside the truck, u knew it was working because of the clicking. Its this clicking, thats telling me when my truck will run ok or not. Details about this way below.


First symptoms,

4x4 inside switch not working everytime. everyone be quiet so we can hear the clicking. LOL

4x4 switch didnt work while on a steep hill, couldnt switch into 4x4,

used 4x4 to turn around on a steep incline, 4x4 wouldnt switch back

disconnected transfer case switch outside truck to try to switch back to 2 high

disconnected battery to do the same

disconnected inside 4x4 dash switch

Then I realized, it wasnt me resetting anything, the truck was fixing itself. "Clicking"



If I want to drive my truck without any issues, I start it, let it idle in park, until I hear the 4x4 clicking sound in my dash area somewhere behind the sterring wheel (left center) I think. It will click in drive too but you really cant hear it while driving. (Loud exhaust)



Lets say Im in a hurry, dont have time to wait for the clickiing, I just start and go, my truck runs horribly in drive especially at low speeds and takeoffs. I can get around this by dropping the truck in 3rd until I get up to about 30-40mph then drop back down into drive. But im hurting my truck doing this. The truck can fix itself without me knowing right away. I really dont know it until im needing my engine. (Climbing a hill, freeway on-ramp, etc..) Especially at take off because it doesnt choke.


If I let the truck idle until I hear this clicking, my truck runs just fine in drive. Full accelleration, everything ok.


I only have 2 high but thats all I need for now.

Please tell me there is a simple solution?




[email protected]

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wow,thats alot of crap to go thru and i dont understand one thing you said !!!


thats ok though,there is no simple solution for your issue,,,


you have to get the TCCM scanned for codes and have the truck diagnosed ,,


thats it ,no throwing parts at it ,NONE !!!,,,,,


please reply with the results


good luck

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