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GMC with air dam removed?


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It does change the mileage. Gm started cutting the air dams on the corvette because it would always hit driveways when you pulled in. They notice an improvement in gas mileage. So now, they do it with the trucks as well. It cleans up the air around the tires. just like the little "mud flap in front of the rear wheels on the k2000 platform.

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I'm taking mine off and the stupid looking flaps in front of the rear wheels. I hate mud flaps and air dams. If I'm paying 40K for a pickup an extra half mpg won't be that killer.


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is it hard to remove the airdam? I am looking into taking mine off.


To take off the lower air dam there is 18 bolts (10mm) and 4 plastic push pins that I removed with a flat - tip screwdriver. It was quite easy, just time consuming.


I am very happy with the looks of my truck now.

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think I lost about .5 MPG with just a 2in level... and air dam still in place. People are full of it when they say these engineers don't know what they are doing with aero especially.....


There used to be a guy that was an old aerodynamics engineer hanging around. He may still be around on the GMT900 forums. One of the few around that really appreciated aerodynamics on our trucks. ... Ha! I said that? That's like saying aerodynamics on a barn. :dunno::crackup: Well, as long as air is moving over it, aerodynamics are in the mix.


I was poking around the web one day and found an article that discussed the aerodynamic drag of the rear wheelwells of cars. It stated that up to 25% of the total drag of the vehicle can be from that area. That's huge. Focusing on that area makes sense. I suppose that's why GM put the "rear tire spoilers" on our trucks. Makes you wonder how smart the old 50's car engineers were when they put fender skirts on cars.

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if you are taking it off bcause you think it will rip off while offroading (which is partially why i took mine off) well....

i was joking with my buddy saying the one on his 2011 Z71 would get ripped off, he said it hasnt yet....

took his truck on some sketchy trails, banged the skidplates and running boards off a few rocks, went through a lot of wash out and all kinds of other logging road and ATV trail terrain.

got back and his was still attached and not damaged...


im keeping mine off because it looks better IMO. i didnt notice much of a mpg loss on the highway if at all. i would account my MPG fluxuation more to the higher winds ive been driving through lately and using 4x4 and 4 auto a bit due to conditions.

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