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Happy new year. too late?


I've a 99 GMC Suburban 2500 with 6.5 diesel.

I'm struggling with 4wd system now.

Few weeks ago, Big snow and freezing rain in my place and I notice that my 4wd was not working. only rear wheels turning but front wasn't turn.


Like most guys did, I replaced 4wd actuator in front diff but it was same.

I lifted up my 'burban and put 4wd and I found front axle was turning but wasn't fast.


Next, I lifted one steer wheel and other wheels on the ground. tried to turn in 4wd mode. It was hard but I could turn it. I checked both shafts on transfer case. front was turning while I turned a wheel.


I checked with scanner(Autoenginuity).

No active code on transfer case control module.


If someone has any idea, I'll try.

If someone know what value should be changed in scanner when I changed mod from 2wd to 4hi, let me know.


weak encoder motor?

bad control module?

bad wire?

bad clutch in transfer case?


Any Idea welcomed.^^

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