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Hello my name is Todd been a member for a couple of weeks now


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Hopefully so!

I called GMC today and was even more confused before I called. Seems like every time I call, I get someone from India. First, it's the bogus VIN they gave me. Now, this other person with broken English confused me by saying that my truck is on its way to Mexico which will be at distribution April 23rd.




I tried asking, about what hell he was talking about and all I get was "Sorry sir, I don't know anything else. Please call your dealer."


I left a voicemail with Adrian, hopefully he can give me a better update.

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WOW ,what the hell! Maybe some one will pull there head out of there you know what and give you a answer. Well keep me posted and all do the same. good luck

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ANOTHER UPDATE, man its getting old. well now Friday is the day it supposed to show up. they said the truck came off the train

in Utah on sunday but no hauler to bring it to Wyoming. they been back up, ya right.

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