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Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

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Picked up this bed cover In excellent condition for FREE (found ad on fb marketplace thought it was a scam but it was legit) same color as my truck!!! All hardware was included with key, lady purchased a new trifold bed at 4wheel parts in Denton I just had to pick up front the store. Looked it up and it cost about 2k for this cover 






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So finally getting the truck put together, they did paint the bumpers and the rear passenger side of the cab today, buddy told me to get out the shop so they could finish should be about 2 more weeks for another update hopefully with the wheels on.4F53A605-2235-45E4-9A6A-C09FB0F32FD6.thumb.jpeg.787b1b8638bd67850a64a584d5d34967.jpeg

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I'm Back! after a hiatus from posting.... I'm back. no longer have the 2020 2500 Custom.... traded that off for a 2022 2500 Z71 LT... loved that truck.. but it too was a lease. I changed careers back in 2021 and have a company supplied truck to use every day. the cost of a lease for a vehicle seemed a waste after that. When I got rid of the 2022 I made a panic buy in the crap used market and bought a used tundra.... (go ahead and judge me)..... it was not the truck for me. I sold it just after xmas , and in January found and bought this! 2020 Silverado 1500 double cab 4x4 LT.... with the 3.0L Duramax. seemed a good fit for towing my camper (6500 LBS GVW) and deck trailer with the RZR (2800 lbs) as well as just being a weekend warrior. truck has the convenience package so has the rear slider, along with heated seats and wheel. has a spray in liner, and came with wheel to wheel running boards (may change these out yet not sure) as well as a tonneau cover (that opens from the front as well the back of course) and the trailering mirrors. I added the OEM rear wheel well liners , and the OEM hard plastic splash guards. clean local history on it with no accidents and meticulous service records including. so far am totally loving this truck and so happy to be back in a GM.....

I am awaiting some nicer weather as I have the centre console sitting in my garage waiting to swap into it... as well as I picked up a set of OEM Sierra SLT 20's (polished aluminum) to toss on..... 

I miss the ride height and size of the 3/4 ton a bit... but for just rattling around in.. a half ton is far superior. no intent of upgrading our camper , and if we did we'd be staying in the same size and weight class anyway. 


TLDR - IM BACK! in a 1500 W/ A 3.0L and couldn't be happier!!


plans aside of the rims and console I have to go on include adding factory foglight setup , possible a slight larger block in the rear (give it a rake to compensate for the towing squat) maybe a level in the front (my skinny ass had a hard time sliding under the running boards on a creeper to change the fuel filter) and looking at doing the katzkin leather swap (had it done in my 2011 and loved it)

also looking at getting a Banks iGauge to monitor DPF soot level, re gens etc as I know the importance of that working for a heavy equipment dealership...


More pics and updates to come!


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So here a few pictures of the truck with 3” bodylift and 7” fts lift (going 9” with the coilovers and buying bigger rear blocks) i did have them install a rear add a leaf to rasie the rear end so it’s actually level right now but wont be when I install the coilover only reason im going with bigger rear blocks.74A3E303-4E06-4B13-B7B6-2157141E445C.thumb.jpeg.0a10e4ef6a9358737a099b91ddb71b7f.jpeg



Gonna need some exhaust work done keeping the HDMI tips but gona have them raise it some so it’s not visible from the back


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S&B cold air intake installed had to modify slightly due to the bodylift

Sitting about the same height as my Silverado on 38s, door is getting swapped out 

Frontend should be done tomorrow. Taking the wheels to the shop tomorrow gotta get coilovers installed first though 


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Got excited and put the 28x16 on even though I gotta take them off to take to another shop to install coilover and bigger rear blocks, just to get an idea how high it is the hood is same height as the Yukon roof in front of it.IMG_0199.thumb.jpeg.31c032d14bed40c1577f0320be4f6555.jpeg
Almost done fr fr now 



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