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Does anybody know what the 2019 Sierra body parts are made from? The doors, hood and tailgate seem to be made of some type of composite material. I'm having it rustproofed and just am curious.

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Anything that opens is aluminum (hood, doors, tailgate) except gas lid door which is plastic.

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    • By Carl Gordulic
      Has anyone installed the kicker speaker system in the Multi-function tailgate?  If so just wandering how difficult or if you had to take to a dealer.
    • By Mike Leach
      2012 Sierra 60k miles. Just notice the paint on the hood has a spot about 12 inch by 14 that the paint has lost its shine almost like it got hot. I opened the hood and there is a ground strap attached at the underside where the paint issue is. Is there a possibility of the ground strap getting hot? Anyone had this issue? 
    • By BlancoSilverado
      I purchased my truck a few months ago and most of the time i need to press the button 2-5 times to drop my tailgate without any help. With a little (and i mean 5 lbs) of pulling while pressing the button it works most of the time, even then i might have to press it twice. The truck is a new body 2019 Silverado LT 4x4. It started doing this day one, i thought it might just need to work in/break in and it did not.
      Is anyone else having this issue?
      If so do you know how to fix it?
       I have tried with the vehicle on level ground and even then it does not work all the time also i tried it on grounds where the front is up a few inches and i would still have to press at least twice. Every 50 times or so it will go down with one press. 
      Any help will be appreciated.
    • By DodgerDave
      I have received a small dimple on my 2 month old Denali Tailgate.  It appears to be plastic.   No paint damage, just a small dimple.  I had a few shops look at it, and they didn't want to touch it.   I was going to hit it with a heat gun and press it out, but not sure about that.  I was hoping I was not the first one to have this issue.
      Its over towards the right, just by the reverse light.

    • By Jimmyc!
      Is there any preventative maintenance that can be done with the tailgate latch? Mine ‘18 seems to be getting a little tough to open and although it’s under warranty I thought if I could lube, grease, silicone, spit on, or whatever it takes to loosen it up it’d be nice.
      Thank you for your consideration and as a side note I will not be having a garage sale this weekend.
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