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Debating on the next firearm purchase. 1k or so is the budget and caught between 2 totally different animals. Do I buy another historical M! Garand? (I have a huge fascination with them as well as other war memorabilia) Or do I get a CZ Scorpion Evo just for the hell of it? Rock and a hard place...


What would y'all get and why? Any other firearm considerations?

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I vote for the Garand. Nice examples are getting harder and harder to find and the value keeps going up.  Also they are a excellently designed rifle and fun to shoot!

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On 9/1/2019 at 9:54 PM, Talbot said:

Sounds like you already have a Garand, or more than one?

If yes, I’d say go with the EVO.  They look like fun, especially as your not neutered like we are up here for them.




You can now get a 18.6" non restricted EVO. Pinned to 5 of course with proprietary mags. Sadly no Glock mag loophole. 

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      Cleaning out the garage after trading in my 2014 Silverado 5.3L. For those that DIY oil changes, I have 1, ACDelco PF63 and 2, Mobil1 M1-222 oil filters looking for a good home. All are new in the box. I bought them through Amazon.com for $30 total; selling them altogether for $15 plus shipping OBO. I would like to send them all together to keep down the postage (hint, hint).
      One of you lucky Austin, TX members could even get them cheaper! I cannot use them anymore and don't know anyone with the 5.3L DI that could use them. I am really looking for a new home for them (not the trash)!

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      So finally got enough done to her that I felt good about posting a picture. Stripped all the chrome except the headlights and emblem. Installed the Smittybilt M1 (which is a bitch let me say) and the ICI Magnum RT steps myself and got a RC Level 2.5/1 with Discoverer A/T3's 275/70/18 on PROCOMP 7032 18x9 wheels. I'm pretty happy with it all so far.

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      Took some of my more favorite guns out for some Saturday shooting, and since I had them all laid out on my work bench, I thought I'd put a together a cool shot of them. My favorite though, my Sig MPX, what an absolutely fun gun to shoot!

    • By Chris
      Christopher Hawkins
      Community Manager, GM-Trucks.com
      Product: X02 bed coating kit
      Manufacturer: Scorpion Coatings
      What it is: Premium professional quality spray-in bed liner that can be done by a professional or at home
      What Scorpion says it does: “Our bed liner for trucks system is composed of the highest quality polyurethanes that keeps your truck bed looking new for years to come. This tough, virtually impenetrable polyurethane resists both moisture and rust, unlike many other “drop in” bedliners. By using a drop-in, moisture and rust can get into the smallest of cracks and the tiniest of holes, rendering you bedliner useless within a short period of time. Not with Scorpion Coatings. We understand the pride our customer take in their truck beds and we know what it means to keep your truck looking new for years to come.”
      Cost: $199 for a 2 gallon kit with gun and hopper
      Tested On

      2004 GMC Sierra Extended Cab/Standard Bed
      I recently had a chance to install and test the Scorpion X02 spray-in bed liner. I wanted a cheaper DIY alternative to Rhino or Line-X without using a roll-on or spray can. I first found Scorpion while at the SEMA Show in 2013. I drifted into their booth and had a lengthy conversation with one of their representatives. The product looked great on samples and a completely covered Hummer H1. It got my attention because it was a lower cost alternative to Line-X and Rhino but still gave the look of being a spray-on.
      The X02 bed coating is also an alternative to a drop-in plastic liner. It is easy to spray in and the provided gun is essentially a modified drywall texture gun. It can be color matched to your truck or virtually any color you want.
      Kit Unboxed

      The kit that I got is the standard black color but I opted to get the additional red metal flake added in. I did all the prep work myself and a friend of mine who is a retired plasterer did the spraying of the liner in my own garage.
      Install Process
      The install was fairly easy. If you are somewhat handy and have repainted anything around the house, then you can do this. A friend and I did this in my garage. If you do not feel as comfortable, there are dedicated professionals that can be located online using Scorpion's website.
      1. Sand the clear coat


      2. Mask the bed and tailgate and cover the truck


      3. Spray adhesion promoter


      4. Spray liner


      Scorpion’s liner builds upon itself. This allows it to be sprayed as thick as you want it. The standard 2 gallon kit will spray on thicker than Line-X. It is actually tackier than the Line-X liners I have used. Once I place something in the bed, the tackiness of the Scorpion X02 holds it in place.
      During the install, the factory drain holes were retained unlike a drop-in liner. Because the X02 is acrylic reinforced polyurethane, it has held up to the California sun and 3 to 4 drive through car washes every week. It is still as black as when it was sprayed and the metal flake has held up. One gallon of acetone did spill in the tailgate and did not have any ill effect on the liner.
      How well does it work? So far the only items I have hauled with the bed liner are lumber, groceries, and an old water heater. The bed liner has held up excellent to what I have thrown in it. The water heater had some sharp metal edges and even dug in a bit, but still didn’t harm the liner. The water heater rolled in the bed but did not slide. The grip works great for holding items in place. As for groceries, I've thrown cases of water and soda in the bed and they stayed put for the drive home.


      In use

      If you don’t like the cost of a Line-X or Rhino and a drop in liner just won't do, the Scorpion X02 Kit is the answer. It looks amazing, has just enough grip that nothing slides, and was done in just one afternoon in my own garage. Going forward, I will use this in any truck I get.

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