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AC conked out, particulars and prices to repair

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This is for general information, and documentation, if others have the same or similar problem(s) with their Air Conditioning.

     So, my AC conked out late-day on a 90+ degree May 26, on a 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab, 6.0L, bought 8/31/2017 (2.5 years old) and almost 55,000 miles (highway mostly).  Thought it might be OK the next day, but, no, the compressor was 'screaming'.  It took a week to get it into the GMC dealership on Friday, June 5th.  Tech diagnosed a leak at the condenser, leak at a hose fitting, and malfunctioning compressor.  The compressor, when the AC is off, freewheels.  But this one freewheels, then seems to want to engage, the freewheels again, then seems...and so on.   Tech said compressor caused high pressure in hose (low pressure hose I think he said?) which cause fitting to leak.  In addition, the compressor problem accelerated the condenser leak (known to leak after a while) at a weld joint (left-front).  Man, I was pissed.  Not at anyone in particular, but the fact that an AC can fail at only 55,000 miles.  My 2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD, 6.0L, longbed, extended, lasted over 160,000 miles and over 10 years without an AC problem except a recharge.

     Cost?  $1799.24 to fix!   (900 parts, and 900 labor for 7.2 hours of work.)  I said I'll be contacting GMC corporate, and paid the $66 diagnosis fee (worth it; 0.5 hours of labor).  On Monday,  I called to pickup a price list with part numbers for the repair so I can use for my case.  Well, I looked up the part numbers on Google and found a Chevrolet dealership out of Winston-Salem, gmpartsdirect.com (FLOW of Winston-Salem), selling genuine GM parts for greatly reduced prices.   Now, mind  you, the dealership may have discounted their prices by 15% if I asked because I bought it there, and GM corporate 'may' have covered half the cost (or maybe full cost?), but it was technically out-of-warranty with the 55,000 miles.  BUT, at these gmpartsdirect.com prices, I can get it done myself and save, with labor by myself, about $1200!   

     Obviously, I ordered the parts and will do the job myself...  Saves the hassle, aggravation, and arguing with GMC... ba**ards.   Wish they would make a decent product again.  AC failing this early used to be unheard of.        "The New Normal" I guess.

     Here is the price list, and the dealer's price...


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Compressor was grinding, and would not turn unless reversed.  There was a moisture area on the stated spot on the condenser.

It CAN happen to you.

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