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Installed an OGM1 over the weekend

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I ordered up an Advent OGM1 last week from Walt over at ADC Mobile. I have to say Walt is a very nice, knowledgeable guy to deal with for starters. I had a couple of quick questions and he had no problem answering them via email or a quick phone call.


Total install time probably took me 2.5 hours counting tapping into the factory backup camera. That probably took me the most time but was straight forward after a quick phone call to Walt. To anyone looking to do this, you cannot access the factory backup camera connector in the drivers side kick panel. At least not in an Avalanche/Tahoe/Suburban. The easiest way to do it is to unplug the camera, drop the overhead piece where the map lights are and make the connection up in there. A 12' shielded RCA cable did the trick. I was able to run from the camera, down, and around the passenger side over to the radio. For anyone who has seen Walt's install video i followed the same route as the Bluetooth mic. Its a little tight wrapping the corner. by the windshield but it can be done.


As for the Nav itself I'm pretty impressed with it. I have a friend who had bought an OGM1 from ADC a few months ago so i was already familiar with the unit. My friend is running the older Nav software and the Igo Primo software does appear to be a lot better than the old one.


Compared to my garmin handheld GPS (a few years old) you can go back and forth on which one is better than the other. Some things I like better about the Advent, and some I like better with the Garmin. I like how the Advent automagically drops letters of the alphabet based on what your spelling and what it knows to be known locations. This could help with typos in the future. I also like it announces street names. I can't remember if the old OGM1 nav software did or not. I think this is where it falls a little short of the Garmin. My Garmin can announce "turn this direction onto such and such street" without any hesitation. The IGO Primo software announces it clearly but it always has a quick pause between the direction to turn and street name.


As for the routing itself I actually think it sometimes does a better job choosing a route over my Garmin and it is also quick to recalculate like the garmin is. The 3d view for the IGO software on the highway is cool if it has the loaded info for the highway signs. I have used the Nav a couple times going to known locations. One out of the 3 locations I used it to, it announced the house on the wrong side of the road, which isn't really a big deal. Being 1 out off 3 this may just be a fluke for this one street. I don't know how common this is. It does announce you have reached your destination a little early but the destination flag and vehicle indicator match up. When i used it to go home, It announced I arrived at my destination probably 4-5 houses before my actual house but like i said if i looked at the Map the vehicle indicator and destination flag matched up. Again nothing I would even worry about. I'm just making note of it for review purposes.


Overall compared to a stock Navigation unit it is a lot more capable and I think a lot easier to use. Aside from it being a slight color shade off (which i already knew) it does indeed look factory. The color of the OGM1 is a little more grey than factory. I think it looks nicer and is less noticable in trucks like my Avalanche and others with wood grain or stainless trim around the radio than it does in the other truck with all the black. It just stands out more in the regular style dash I think because it is surrounded in black vs the woodgrain/stainless.


You could buy a factory nav but even if you got a used take out unit its still almost as expensive. If it isn't unlocked and you don't have someone willing to do you a favor you need to then pay a dealership $40-50 to program it for you. If you want to be able to unlock certain features you then need to spend a few hundred dollars on a Coastaltech unit. I don't know the exact procedure for this but i was told if you buy a factory unit it doesn't automatically work with the factory bluetooth. You need to buy an extra harness or do a little extra wiring to get it to work.


There are also aftermarket units like an Kenwood, Alpine, or Pioneer which are also nice but they don't have the factory look. I prefer the factory look. On most aftermarket units you usually need an adapter plate of some sorts and most of the radios are shiny black. I do like the Kenwood's for the built in Garmin GPS though but you would need need a universal steering wheel control kit, and other stuff to make everything work 100%.


If you don't have factory nav and want the factory look this really seems like a great unit to go with. I know there are plenty of other threads out there on this unit but i figured I would toss my opinion out there too. Definitely if your looking to buy this unit, buy it from Walt over at ADC. I know he frequents this board too and many of you are familiar with who he is. He has had no problem answering any of my questions or my friends questions.


This really is a plug and play system and I think anyone who buys one, for the price will be very happy with it.

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