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2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is Four Wheeler Pickup Truck of the Year

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John Goreham

Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com


Four Wheeler Magazine has chosen the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado as its pick for Four Wheeler Pickup Truck of the Year. The Colorado certainly deserves the win, but given the publication’s rules, it seems like it was snuck in. The group says its picks for Four Wheel truck of the year “…was determined by a weeklong, invitation-only competition open to all-new or significantly revised pickup trucks for the upcoming model year.” The Colorado ZR2 is was introduced in 2017 as a 2017 model year truck and is not scheduled to receive any major (or minor) changes in 2018. Hmm. We reached out to Four Wheeler Editor, Sean Holman, who was glad to help explain. Sean tells us that the 2017 Colorado missed the cutoff for the last POTY award due to its late introduction and therefore eligible. Automakers' crazy model and calendar year combos are the reason. Last year, the Raptor won.  

Four Wheeler Editor Ken Brubaker commented on the ZR2’s win, saying, “The ZR2 takes the capable Colorado platform to a new level with a dizzying array of modifications including front and rear electric differential lockers, Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve shocks, a 2-inch-taller ride height, 3.5-inch-wider track width, additional skidplating, 31-inch tires, and many more off-road-centric goodies. The result is a truck that is willing and able to conquer terrain that would leave most other trucks behind.”


The ZR2 was pitted against just two other trucks for the title this year, the Ram 1500 Harvest Edition, Ram 3500 Cummins turbodiesel. Read the full story at Four Wheeler. 


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Seems like an interesting group of trucks to compare and test...

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9 minutes ago, pickmeup said:

What ?......Poor Tacoma lost.  lol

Wasn't even in the contest.


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they could of tested this truck at least in trucks in its class. 

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Nothing in the Colorado platform can compete with the Tacoma.

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      2018 Options That Have Been Retired
           (SUM) Centennial Edition      (PDB) Shoreline Special Edition- LT Cloth Package      (PDC) Shoreline Special Edition- Luxury Package      (G35) Centennial Blue Metallic      (GEW) Wheatland Yellow (still available as SEO color)      (GMW) Deepwood Green Metallic      (GPA) Graphite Metallic      (PZX) 18" Dark Argent metallic cast aluminum wheels      (IOB) 7" diagonal Color Touch Screen with Chevrolet MyLink      (IO5) 8" diagonal Color Touch Screen with Chevrolet MyLink      (IO6) 8" diagonal Color Touch Screen Navigation with Chevrolet MyLink      (USR) USB port, located on instrument panel      (MCY) USB port, located inside center console      (MCZ) 2, USB, located on the rear of the center console  
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           (G16) Crush      (GJI) Shadow Gray Metallic      (G6O) Pacific Blue Metallic      (IOR) Chevrolet Infotainment System with 7" diagonal color touch-screen      (IOS) Chevrolet Infotainment System with 8" diagonal color touch-screen      (IOT) Chevrolet Infotainment System with Navigation and 8" diagonal color touch-screen      (MCR) USB data ports, 2, one type-A and one type-C, includes SD Card Reader, auxiliary input jack      (USS) USB charging-only ports, 2, located on the rear of the center console      (UST) USB data ports, 2, one type-A and one type-C      2nd microphone for passenger      (UVB) HD Rear Vision Camera      (AG1) 6-way power driver seat      (UVD) Heated steering wheel (standard on Z71 and ZR2 models)      (UD7) Rear Park Assist      (RCV) 18" Dark Argent metallic cast aluminum wheel  
      Small Changes In Trim & Packaging for 2019
           (UVC) Rear Vision Camera no longer available on uplevel trims (replaced with UVB HD Rear Vision Camera)      (AH6) 4-way power driver seat adjuster replaced with (AG1) 6-way power drive seat adjuster on uplevel trims      (PCW) Safety Package now includes (UD7) Rear Park Assist      (PCK) Luxury Package now includes (UVD) heated steering wheel      ZR2 models now feature Black bowties
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