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Elon Musk Needs Your Help Designing His Pickup Truck


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If Tesla does a pickup it needs a big V8. I know I know it's not the future of automotive propulsion but who cares. We as people are writing the future so it can become what we want it to be.
Reason I absolutely hate Ford it that they are trying to cram small forced air engines down our throats and telling us it's for the best.
Sure I can handle those engines as a option but I don't want one
Don't want electric either.
Maybe a 300 mile range e lol electric scooter but not a car or truck.
Don't want this self driving crap either. What is happing to society? Skills are disappearing at a alarming rate and the "sheeple" don't care. We as a collective body of humans are in a sad state of affairs...I was probably born in the wrong era.

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How's that Bollinger B1 coming along?


For my personal needs (mostly in town driving and no towing), I'd love an electric truck. I grew up on farm land, so a truck was a given, but now I just drive one because that's what I've always driven and I'll probably never drive a car. I supercharge all of my trucks, so an electric truck with the crazy torque they can make would be really fun. But the price and my dislike of Musk are the biggest holdbacks.

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On 2018-06-30 at 8:46 AM, Black02Silverado said:

They might have tried but why?  Honda, Toyota, Nissan are the leaders in cars.  Hence why Ford is dropping most of their car line and just going with trucks and SUV's.  To them that is where the money is.  Well, until the next major gas spike.

Gas is hovering around $5/US gallon for 87 octane here in Southern Ontario - trucks/large SUV’s are selling like hot cakes.


Domestic cars are not selling worth a hoot, because they are inferior to the Asian/German cars. - even with high gas prices people are still buying trucks.  And if they need a second vehicle, Honda is closing in on 21 consecutive years as the #1 seller in Canada.  


The truck sales won’t be slumping anytime soon...

To hell with musk and his over hyped over priced crap.  He lied about the range of his class  8 truck,    No supporting him no matter  what.


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