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Post your T1 wheel/tire setup

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On 6/6/2021 at 3:05 PM, Tboykin51 said:

Have a 2020 1500 RST. Stock suspension. Looking at putting a 3.5” - 4” kit on the truck.. want to run an aggressive looking 35” tire on stock 20” wheels but don’t want serious rub.. anyone running a similar setup? Any pictures out there? 


Just posted a pic with a similar setup. 4 inch Ready Lift with 35/11.5/R20


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On 6/20/2021 at 12:53 PM, PureZ71 said:

Replaced my stock 18's with 2' spacers for a set of Fuel Block D751 (18X9, -12 offset). I believe this offset is just the perfect amount for these trucks.








No spacer was needed with this, right? Beautiful setup btw.


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On 9/30/2021 at 8:33 AM, HotChiliRam said:

Stock height stock rims, just installed a set of 305/55 20 Toyo AT II, no rub but it barely clears the upper A arm.IMG_8622.thumb.jpeg.9895f6151866cbd199332e6376823523.jpeg


Welcome to the site.


Very nice truck, for some reason I really like the license plate too!!!

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39 minutes ago, HotChiliRam said:

Thank you, why do you like the license plate??

Last week I installed a 2” lift, I think I’m going to a a inch more in the front and I already bought a set of 1,5” wheel spacers (Hub Centered).



like the shape compared to the USA versions, plus the letter number combo looks like it could be RPO codes for your truck.

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On 9/8/2021 at 2:21 PM, putz173 said:

Fuel Beast 20" 285/60/18  +20mm offset (flush fit) , 21 trailboss, very very slight rub at full lock going in reverse touching the top edge of the mud flap, cut 2" of the flat pat of the flap inside the wheelwell off with a dremel and it stopped





I would like to see how you got a 285/60/18 tire on a 20 inch wheel.  😆

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