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305 70 17 2016 Silverado 1500

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305 70 17

2 inch spacers front.

ordered -38 mm offset wheels 

pre runner front bumper trimmed inner fender to metal line

just ordered a 3 inch rear block lift with new shocks.

should be able to pull it off. May throw on a 1.5 inch body lift.

not sure how I feel about the NorCal mod.

stay tuned!




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7 hours ago, Alan Bowman said:

May throw on a 1.5 inch body lift.

Good luck, Alan. I've mentioned previously, one does not just "throw on a 1.5 inch body lift" it's a lot of work.
Also, oh, heck, I've commented enough on your intended endeavor.
Have at it, and, please update.

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    • By smitty481
       I am new to towing with my 2020 Silverado. She is outfitted with the 3.0 Duramax. We just purchased a 2018 Travel Trailer (5700 lbs). I have towed with my past trucks but none of them had the settings (trailer mode, + - on the gear selector) or the ability to have a camera system that essentially gives you a view behind the trailer you are towing. 
       Any chance anyone can share some pointers/wisdom on the best way to tow, what to do, look out for and even using the camera system (which I have yet to purchase)? Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.
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      Hello, I’m thinking about putting a six inch lift from superlift on my 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4wd, extended cab. My question today is what would be the recommended wheel size (both tire and rim) for this setup and I’d like it to preferably stick out on the side a bit but it’s not needed. I know many run 35” but again I’m not sure.
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      Hello, looking to upgrade my rancho stock shocks to bilstein 5100 shocks but would like to level the front end. Could anyone please tell me which ones I  need to do so? Is there a certain series other than just the 5100? Also what would be the best place to purchase as far as best price.
      I have 2016 chevy silverado z71.
      Thanks for any info!!
    • By Avery Dameron
      To all my haters, continue to hate just want to preface that 😂.  Anyway I am looking to get some leveling blocks as my truck is still nosediving.  I love the way the 3” blocks look but I have also read that the upper control arms tend to pop out with any blocks bigger than 2”. Does anyone have experience with that happening?  Also thinking about just taking out the rear blocks.  Or both. Any experience appreciated. Also does anyone know what this does about warranty?
    • By sean882
      It started the day before Christmas Eve - noticeable but minor rpm fluctuations (a few hundred rpms) while driving on the highway after being warmed up.  About 5 minutes later, I felt the truck stuttering under light loading moving ~60mph - engine rpms below 1500.  I checked the fluid and it was perhaps a tad low (very bottom of 'hot' zone) but was definitely not red/pink.  I'm not sure if the previous owner had changed the fluid or not, but it didn't seem it.  Over the next day, the shuddering got worse and entirely repeatable.  Once the transmission fluid was warm, it would reliably shudder under light loading at slow highway speeds.  Occasionally I could get it to do it on a hill at slower speeds too.  It never happens under aggressive acceleration/heavy engine loading - this seems to work fine with no issues.  I scheduled an appointment at the dealer for next Tuesday, the soonest they had available.  In the mean time, I'm hoping to make sure I'm going down the right path and understand my best options.
      I found PIP5504 (attached) and related Torque Converter Diagnosis SI (attached) and tried to work through them as best as possible without the specialty GM tools.  

      Occurs most obviously when transmission fluid is warm-hot Occurs in M5 mode as well as Drive Occurs both when in V8 and V4 (with and without AFM) Occurs with and without Tow/Haul Mode enabled Occurs with and without grade braking disabled Occurs under light load conditions Does not occur under heavy load conditions Using torque app, a couple misfires (less than 20 after an hour of driving, distributed across all cylinders) are noted, but the instances do not remotely line up with when problems are seen.  Using torque app, spikes of TC slip is observed. Using torque app, RPMs go UP when TC slip is observed - these so probably not a misfire  
      Working through the PIP, the symptoms seem to indicate either 1 (fishbite) or 2 (Torque Converter Shudder).  I'm not entirely sure what fishbite is, but the service procedures are more or less similar.
      I don't have a GDS2 tool to command TC engagement, unfortunately, so hopefully the dealer is willing to do this properly.
      The original PIP5504 (not the C revision) had service procedures included that all seemed to point back to a fluid flush or replacing the torque converter.  Knowing that my fluid was pretty black (didn't smell burnt though), I went ahead and got a new transmission filter and performed a fluid flush.  20 Quarts of Valvoline MaxLife fluid were flushed through (not here to debate fluid brands/types - it works with Dex VI and it's what was in stock at the store open on Christmas Eve).
      Fluid was black Transmission pan magnet had fine metal debris (felt smooth between fingers) on it Photo included - what is a lot?  Truck has 178,000 miles on it, this is probably the first time it was opened. One small piece of flexible (rubber?) debris in pan Flow through and out of cooler seemed OK from the start No signs of leaks  
      Changes after Flush
      Shuddering is much reduced - but still faintly there.  Doesn't feel like truck is going to come apart though. RPM fluctuations are still there - and perhaps more noticeable than before (probably because the shudder isn't overshadowing them). Using torque app, Torque Converter Slip is still present when RPMs fluctuate.  It appears there is no change to the frequency or amplitude of slip.  
      For those familiar, does the amount of metal on the magnet look typical, or does this look like a sign of an internal failure? Any other ideas for what the issue could be?   Any other diagnostic tests that would be helpful to zero in on the root cause? The PIP points to replacing the torque converter as the next step.  Is there any way that with all this identified, the transmission itself could be the culprit?  Living in MA in the winter without a garage, I'm almost certainly going to have to have the shop perform any replacements and don't want to pay for labor twice. If so, thoughts on a reman unit vs. having a shop repair it? I'm well outside of any warranty and see a lot of people going back and forth with the dealers while they throw parts at a problem. Any tips for reducing bad service and getting it right the first time with them? Am I doing more damage if I keep driving on it for the next week? I'm open to thoughts/suggestions at identifying the cause and next steps.  
      Vehicle Information
      2016 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 4x4 6-speed auto (6L80, MYC) 5.3L V8  178,000 miles NOT tuned in any way Daily Driver - mostly highway miles Used for occasional light towing (~12,000 miles spent towing an 850 pound teardrop trailer) Generally driven gently (boring, I know)  

      MC-10118277-9999.pdf PIP5504C.pdf Torque Converter Diagnosis SI.pdf
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