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03 Tahoe Front Blower/HVAC System



I have an '03 Tahoe that has run really well for me until about 2 weeks ago. One day on the way home the front blower motor decided that it didn't want to work anymore. So I pulled the motor out and replaced it. Still didn't work. So then I replaced the resistor and it worked until I shut the car off that night. At this point it was -40 and I was really cold. So rather than screw with it more, I took the Tahoe to an independent shop. They couldn't get me in for a day so I took it home for the night. On the way home, the back blower decided to quit working. Now I have no heat in the car at all. Rolling the windows down so you don't fog everything up at -40 is really really cold. I took it in the next day and they replaced both motors and the front resistor (this is the 120.00 one that I had just put in 2 days earlier). The back motor continued to run, even when the keys were not in the ignition. They are ordering the part for me so in order to keep the battery from dying, I have to lift the hood and pull or put in the fuse every time I start or stop the car. The front motor worked fine coming out of the shop. Took the car home and shut it off for the night. Next morning, no blower in the front. Does anyone have any idea why this could be happening? Could there be a short in the wiring somewhere? I am all out of ideas and so is the shop. I don't want to take it back to have them fiddle with it for hours (at $90 an hour it gets expensive) and still not find the problem! Help Please!

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