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98 Sierra K1500 Hesitates on initial acceleration.

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I have been having trouble with my truck, 5.7L, running properly at low speeds. When I go to start the vehicle sometimes it will take 2-3 cranks before it will start but not always. When I accelerate from a stop it will shudder on take off but then level off. I notice it the most while I am accelerating and turning a corner but that may just be coincidence. Also while I'm driving at a low speed in town I can feel it fluctuating in speed slightly but on the highway it seems to be fine.


The only major repair I had done to the truck was I replaced the intake gasket. The only thing that was different after that was every once in a while when I started it I would get a grinding on the starter as if the starter didn't release after the engine started. I figured this was a result of the timing being slightly out of spec.


I recently had in to the Chevy dealership, the first time it was reading a misfire so they cleaned the spark plugs and said to try that, $50. The next time was a day later because it started doing the same things it was when I brought it in no more then 2 miles after I left the dealership. This time they re-timed it and put a new distributor cap and rotor on, $300. It ran great for a few days then I started to notice the same symptoms. It is not as bad as it was before I took it in but it is getting more noticeable. I also still get a slight grind on the started every once in a while when I start the engine.


Items I have changed recently:

Fuel Pump(10 months ago)

Fuel Filter

EGR Valve

PCV Valve

Cam Position Sensor

Crank Position Sensor

Throttle Position Sensor

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