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4wd not working even with new switch

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Its says service 4wd on my dash and the switch is not working so i bought a new one. but that did not work, the switch doesnt even light up at all and when i press the buttons nothing happens it is currently stuck in 2wd any help?

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If there's service 4x4 there's a code, it needs to be scanned and diagnosed.


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Get it scanned. Much easier than throwing parts at it like I did. And ended up changing switch, tccm,and the encoder motor, just to find out it was my transfer.

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Check all your fuses.. Mine was encoder motor.. Few bucks and a few minutes to swap it out.. Hope that's all the problem you have.. My dealer couldn't figure it out. Sominrellaced encoder motor after doing a bunch of online searching.. Bingo..

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