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GREAT news! DFM disable coming soon

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8 hours ago, Limelight said:

Yup- saw that yesterday.  Hopefully the price will be the same as AFM. 

Does anyone know if this will likely be a software update to the units they’re selling now (that just disable start-stop) or if it’ll require buying a whole new unit? Is there generally any selectability to choose what you want disabled with their stuff, or does it just do whatever it’s capable of all the time?


I tried asking them a week or two ago but didn’t get a response.

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I've never had a problem with their customer service, and I've had 3 units all of which worked flawlessly.  Several co-workers bought them after seeing mine, and none of them have had any issues either.  Not real sure why quality would be doubted because of response when you dont even know for sure they got ur message.  I've called them a few times looking for updates on this very thing, and they've always answered and been very pleasant to talk to.  Didn't want to give me much info as far as when they thought it would be done because I got the impression they weren't totally sure it could be done and work reliably.  

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4 minutes ago, SqueakyBoot said:


Where does it say it disables DFM?

My screenshot showing DFM disable is in testing is directly from their website...


Hmm I could have sworn I saw something on their website and it says it does both. I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure I saw it somewhere. If I am wrong, I apologize. 


I would call them to confirm 

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