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iPhone does not play music hooked up to USB

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I don't know where to begin...I haven't had any OS updates for my iPhone X in over a month, the last software/firmware updates for the truck were done last Fall, so last week...the phone is hooked up via USB & Blutooth.  This is normally how I have been hooking up the phone to my truck since I bought my truck over 3 years ago.  If I disconnect the USB and run the phone straight Blutooth, music will play through the trucks stereo system.  As soon as I hook up the USB cable, the infotainment system will display what song is being played and all related information...but you will only hear the music playing from the ear speaker of the phone.  If you unplug the USB cable again, the infotainment system will want you to select the Blutooth media and the song will pick up where it left off when the USB cable was plugged in.  Things I've tried...


Resetting the phone and the Infotainment system for a fresh sync.

Tried a different USB cable and all USB ports in the truck.

Checked every setting on the truck and on the iPhone.


Anyone got a clue what to do?



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I wonder if they pushed down an update via onstar that broke some stuff.

When I got my 2018 about a month ago apple car play recognized my 2 iPads. After a few days I got tired of the onstar demo mode and hit the blue button to fix that. As we went through things and were finishing up they said they were pushing some updates down. A day or two later the ipads would only work under the “media” button and apple CarPlay would not recognize them. After working with them (still have an open ticket), I have to take the truck back to the dealer and have them reflash the system to an earlier version.

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Wow, my truck is a 2014 and, unfortunately, didn't come with CarPlay.  What is funny, is that it has the Weather App, which the system said I needed Sirius Satellite radio.  So I got it and then they (Sirius) told me that the Weather app isn't on my truck.  I had to email them a photo for them to believe me.  They told me that my truck wasn't supposed to come with it (checked my VIN).  The dealership didn't say anything had been altered or anything like that and they have been doing the updates when I bring it in.  I bought my truck back in March of 2016. 



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14 hours ago, jhplak325 said:

14, 15 and a handful of 16’s do not have CarPlay from factory. 

Yupp, I ignored the year info in the avatar.  Thanks

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