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Vibration after clutch job

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 I agree with Grumpy; There's a balance issue, prolly the pressure plate/fly wheel clutch disk assembly. When replacing with aftermarket items, especially a flywheel. I have never done it but I have had friends that did and they mentioned having the balance checked by a machine shop. I imagine there is a locator pin on the crankshaft flange so the flywheel goes on only one way so clocking the flywheel is prolly not an option. The real drag here is having to take it all apart AGAIN; then putting it back together AGAIN! The only plus here is your hardware is already clean. 

 I know of guys that have had issues with the (clutch release bearing?) throw out bearing, they figured there was no problem with the one in there and they reused it, I don't know why it doesn't (usually) work but it doesn't If you used the old throw out bearing be sure to put a new on in. I have seen throw out bearings installed backwards too.

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I'd call around your area, somebody does it for sure. If were me I'd take the whole thing; fly wheel, pressure plate, and clutch disk as an assembly so who ever does the job can balance them as an assembly (imho that's best) or as individual items. I know fersure that the crank and flywheel were balanced at the factory, but it coulda got screwed up; PEOPLE are involved!

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