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Sticking with trail grapplers


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I have about 43,000 miles on the first set of Nitto Trail Grapplers. I keep them rotated but it looks like I have maybe 3000 more on them before they need to be replaced.

Yea there a little noisy, not the best for gas mileage.... But 35 x 12.5 on a 6 inch lift do look bad ass!

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The Toyo MT's are great, ran a set on my lifted 02 Sierra. That said tire prices are pretty much the same so how's a guy to choose? I'm getting close to needed a new pair of shoes for my truck. Here's my short list.


Toyo A/T II

Nitto Trail Grapplers

Cooper A/T 3 I think it's called


Which ever set comes out ot be cheaper.

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