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Imagine if any GM truck or car you got into knew your settings


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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

Imagine you occasionally rent a vehicle for business and the rental agency has GM vehicles. Or that at work you use a GM fleet vehicle shared with other workers. Now image that when you enter this vehicle that you have never been in before the seat and mirror positions, satellite radios stations, door lock settings, and all the other stuff you set in your vehicle immediately mimic your Silverado at home. GM has patented technology that would allow for exactly that.


According to an Autoblog report today, GM has patented a cloud based system that would allow a user to be recognized by any of its vehicles. The vehicle would then adapt immediately to the setting that driver prefers. GM didn't just figure out one way it could be done either. Instead the company listed multiple ways this could be done. Regardless of the recognition technology all of this is reliant on the new connected car technology and WiFi GM is rolling out. GM says its truck users are the most tech savvy of its vehicle owners.

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