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Why Three-Time Ford Truck Owner Returned to Chevy Silverado


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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

Here at GM-Trucks.com we maintain a wide network of experts that help us with our reports on all things automotive. One of these folks is Dallas, mechanical engineer, employee at an automotive supplier, and until this week, loyal Ford F-150 owner. Dallas has helped us with truck reviews in the past behind the scenes and has also provided us with a better understanding of automotive supplier subjects. His last three trucks were an F-150, F-150, and F-250, all bought new, and all kept from three to five years.


So why, after more than a full decade of Ford truck ownership, did Dallas choose now to switch to Chevy? A few reasons. First, Dallas wanted a comfortable cab for his family. That meant no opposing rear doors that create mini-people jams when trying to get everyone out at the same time in parking lots. Next, fuel efficiency. Although Dallas uses his truck as a weekend work truck, he does not tow very often, and he commutes in the truck. He has found the Chevy 4.3-liter EcoTech V6 with its cylinder deactivation technology is returning over 21 MPG on his suburban back-roads commute. His Ford F-150 with its V6 engine was only getting 17 MPG on that same commute. When we asked him if he considered the Colorado, he said "I took a look, but it seemed just a little too tight for my needs."


The third reason was history. Dallas had owned Chevy trucks in the past and remembered them fondly. This time, when it was time to shop, he didn't even cross-shop the Ford. On the topic of shopping for the truck, we asked Dallas if he could confirm the stories we had written talking about the deep discounts that Chevy (and Ford) are offering now on pickups. He confirmed the stories, but did note that one needs to remind the dealers that those discounts are the start of negotiations, not the end.


Our thanks to Dallas for his permission to post this story and image.




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Dear Friends,


GM engines have always gotten the best fuel stats compared to Ford, Dodge and Toyota while also being reliable. The new Turbo 6 in the Ford isn't near as efficient as a Chevrolet V-6, plus it's being pushed to put out high horsepower in a small block without being beefed up to withstand the added heat and power. Some are concerned about shorted engine life because of these issues. You'll be better off buying a small block V-8 that doesn't have to work so hard and gets about the same MPG, plus be sure to run Mobil 1 in your Ford Turbo for the best protection. Put on the new Alenza Plus or Pirelli tires that have lower rolling resistance and Bilstein shocks and you'll be amazed at the difference in ride, stability, and handling. Why can't these companies equip their truck right from the beginning? Jimbo

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He does not engage in towing very often since he uses the vehicle for his daily trip. On the suburban backroads that he travels to and from work, he has discovered that the Chevy 4.3-liter EcoTech V6 with its cylinder deactivation technology achieves a mileage of more than 21 miles per gallon. During the same commute, his Ford F-150, which had a V6 engine, could only get 17 miles per gallon. When we asked him whether he had thought about purchasing a Colorado, he said, "I had a look, but it felt just a little bit too tight for my purposes."


play tic tac toe

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