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Desert Sierra


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New to GM-T, but not forums in general. I have a list that I follow for reasons explained below.


I found this site and figure it would be a good site to contribute to for a couple of reasons. My DD is a 2006 GMC Sierra SLE extended cab, bone, bloody stock with 186K miles. Well, other than a Rough Country 3" leveling kit and new sound system. 1. I do not like the way that the GMs tend to droop in front, and the OEM sound was, like totally shot. Other than those two items, no issues with it so far, but it is pushing the mileage where stuff, major stuff, could start going wrong. I do my own wrenching as much as possible so having a site dedicated to the truck is a good thing to have.


The second, and probably the primary, reason is that when I am done with my '88 Blazer rebuild . . . oddly enough with just about the same number of miles, 195K, I believe . . . it will be more late model than production year. By late model I mean the 14blt FF rear diff is out of a 2009 2500 HD Silverado, the motor & tranny are 2008 LY6/MYC (I think I got those correct. It has been awhile since I had to remember that), custom NP241 TC, 2008 DIC and instrument panel & electronics (If I don't update to something newr before I get to part of the build), '88 D60 front diff 2006 Tahoe front & 3rd seats, etc. All of '88's electrical and electronics are either going to be from the '08 or totally updated to improve the power quality to the electrical devises, i.e. window, door locks, etc,. So, while the body and frame are pretty much vintage '88, the drive line from the cooling fans back to the rear diff as well as much of the cabin interior are going to be late model. 2nd tier is an ECS out of a Sclade or crew cab, but I am not sold on that much work or expense yet. If I find a system that falls in my lap, I amy figure out how to get it in . . . changing from a vacuum to an EMA system may be more intriguing than desirable.


So, between the '06 GMC and the late model drivetrain and electronics on the '88, while a lot of the posted stuff I have read so far is late model glitz and glam; stuff that sounds good in a conversation or looks good on paper, but doesn't do much for driving it to the office, grocery store, or the golf course all that much, the tech talk seems to be pretty straight with the performance upgrades and the maintenance discussions.


For the '06 I am interested in posts on vehicle specifications, general operation, reliability issues, maintance discussions, worth while performance upgrades and good tech stuff like that. As for the '88, I am going to put just a mild cam in the LY6 to boost HP a little bit, and I am hopeing someone . . . which I have found aleady seems to be the case . . . knows their way around HP Tuner because between here and LS1 I am most like going to be looking for some serious assistance when it comes to getting the motor and ECM package to function correctly in that old truck.


I think it is getting late here. I will be posting some of the social stuff allong with pics and stuff in the next few days.


Looking forward to the good reads on this site and glad I stumbled across it. I found it by the way while looking for specifications on the OEM torque converter installed on the '08 donor. Didn't find the specs here yet, but found a good read on the operation of the 6L80/90e tranny.



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