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2014-15 vs 2016-18 Reliability

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On 9/26/2021 at 11:04 PM, Westernstar said:

For the guy thinking about buying GM - I bought a brand new Silverado in 2014 - decked out Tuscany with 6” lift for thousands less I’ve been paying for F250’s. Since then I’ve butted heads with dealerships doing sloppy maintenance, complained about premature rust on frame and brakes going out - they blew my concerns off and now I find 15 recalls they never addressed - discovered the recalls looking for why my truck wouldn’t start.  Save the drama and spend the extra $ for Ford - pricy but they have less issues and better quality.  


2015 V6 6L80E RCSB

I've spent under $25 dollars in parts on non routine maintenance. 

150,260 miles


Replaced a weeping pinion seal, $8.  Replaced a warped plastic starter shield, $12.


Routine wear related maintenance

Tires at 125K miles

Wiper blades at 75K and 150K

DRL bulbs once

Cabin and intake air filters


She sits outside 24/7/365 in Northern Illinois


Where I do spend money is lubrication maintenance

Preventative and preventive modification maintenance


Moderate accessories


Yes still on OEM brakes and battery



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This is like asking who makes the most reliable vehicle? There is no right answer because they all make bad ones. You buy by looks, price or features. Maybe brand loyalty. 

It's still a roll of the dice. You get a good one or a bad one.

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Cambridge University defines Reliable as:


Someone or something that is reliable can be trusted or believed because he, she, or it works or behaves well in the way you expect:


Let me edit that for you to narrow it to the truck under discussion:


A truck that is reliable can be trusted to work/behave in the way YOU EXPECT


I didn't invent the language I just get to live with it. Ergo reliability isn't a metric that can be measured when based on individual expectations. Especially if those expectations are in flux and you know for a fact they are. Few people will trust a consumer truck/car/bike with 500,000 much further than the city limits and yet that same vehicle they trusted to go coast to coast a few years after purchase. Even expectations for new vehicles are not as high as one 'proven' over some intermediate distance that allows the user to become comfortable with it. There is no such thing as a collective metric for reliability. JD Powers is nothing more than a data bank of people reporting on their expectations vs the results they have obtained. NONE of that counts the persons giving that feedbacks ability or willingness to maintain it or rationally operate it. Just another useless bit of marketing fluff. 


I'll bet you even have people you would buy from and those you avoid buying from based on a list of variables YOU WOULD EXPECT to have a bearing. 😉 



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2015 GMC Sierra, 66,500 miles, had a bank of Lifters replaced at about 27k, A/C Condensor recently, other than that, I absolutley love this truck, and believe me when I say I work this truck, it does not get babied by any means.

2015 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition.jpg

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On 10/12/2021 at 4:06 PM, Grumpy Bear said:

Few people will trust a consumer truck/car/bike with 500,000 much further than the city limits

My BMW 535i, 1990, is going on 200,000 miles and I use it to drive to the airport 200 miles away (truck doesn't fit in short term parking) and, also, on a nice day just to feel like I'm in a go-cart and tear up the streets. :)
It all comes down to maintenance! 😎 (just had the transmission fluid in my truck flushed, new radiator flush, oil change - next is differential fluid and brake fluid at 100K)
BMW had all that 5 months ago, as well.

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