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2014 Silverado Unlocking Randomly and While Driving

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I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ that's had various recalls, now it will unlock while driving down the highway, even if childlock is on and kids in the back.  In addition, I can lock it and go inside a store and it will automatically unlock itself while I'm inside.  It seems to cycly through unlocking approximately every 5 minutes.  Sometimes the mirrors will even autofold closed.  This is very dangerous on many levels. 

Anyone else? 

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Hey Davester, yeah I thought maybe it was a remote issue; however, I was skeptical due to the fact of folding mirrors and unlocking even when child lick is on.  


I simply removed the remote and drove for a few days and it would still do the same thing.  It's definitely an electrical issue and I have small kiddos.  It's only a highway truck and I drive it very conservatively.  I don't think I'm the only one. 


One of my earlier recalls was a simple bracket that they didn't install on in and outtake of AC compressor and this caused them to rub together and leak all refrigerant.  I imagine it's something like this on electrical end, causing a short. 


When I took in for AC repair a year after I bought it new, they said it wasn't recall, but finally they agreed.  After they called and said it was fixed I opened the hood and yes they had replaced the pipes; however, didn't install the bracket that corrected the issue on the 15s.  I was baffled, but after a long back and forth they agreed.


I've been a Chevy man all my life and all our vehicles are Chevys, but if it places my kids in danger, like unlocking with child locks on...I could quickly flip!

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Then you might try logging live data while driving with a more advanced code reader, to see if the bcm thinks has perhaps shifted into neutral or park, or the parking brake is on or a door is open or something like that.  Or get a dealer to try to figure it out.  If it happens that often (every 5 minutes), it's shouldn't take that long to see what's triggering the problem.


You might even try a more advanced code reader that can get codes from all the computers on your truck (there are more than 10), that might show something (the dealer will have one, or some mechanics, parts store readers generally aren't that good).


In the meantime, you could consider pulling the fuse for the power locks (assuming it's got one) to disable them.

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Have the dealer check for a possible tsb or recall regarding this. If it was a recall though you would've been notified. Was this truck wrecked prior to you owning it? What your describing sounds along the lines of the Body Control Module (BCM). Possibly rubbing wires, software update or something else. If it's been previously wrecked then wiring rubbed, chaffed or cut is a big problem as well by the firewall and I've seen where it takes the Body Control Module out and you have to get a new BCM and have it reprogrammed. 


With a more advanced scan tool you can see if it's on the network and if on network for for a drive and see if it cuts in and out of the network. 


No easy way on some of this stuff. IF you lived in Eastern South Dakota I'd say come meet with me as I have multiple bidirectional scan tools where I can command and record live data, Snap-On Zeus, Bosch ADA625 and the Autel tpms scan tool, U.S. version. 



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I bought new, and immidiately had recalls.  I took it to dealership to connect and look for issue, but nothing populates.  


Now, I'm having some weird transmission issues.  One of the first recalls was regarding transmission.  


The loc/ unlock issue seems to come in random cycles.  It hasn't done it, knock on wood, for about 2 to 3 months.  However, now I have a lovely transmission "slip and grab" is how I'd describe it.  66K miles. 

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