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Bought it a little over a year ago with 135k. Not sure about what was done before me except the bearings and brakes. I've done


Water pump


Coolant flush

P/s flush

Brake flush

Front pads and rotors

Dual piston rear brake upgrade

Inners and outers

Idler/ pitman

Plugs and wires

Oil pressure sensor

Leveling kit with 1" blocks in the rear

18" raceline raptors

275/70/18 duratracs

HIDs in headlights and fogs


Next on my list is front brakes out of an 05 to help stop the 33s better, new black housing headlights and fogs, led tails and turn, possibly a 1.5" body lift, nfab side steps and either a custom tune or a programmer to get some power back after the bigger tires.

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I find it so odd that a clean 00-02 still attracts me way more than any gmt900 ever could, and than the K2's currently do.   I see a well kept black 99-02 Silverado every 2 weeks that looks identica

Hey guys, thought that after 17 years I should chime in. My truck is in excellent condition as I Purchased new in March 1999. May get flamed for this, but I don’t drive it winters, and the chassis a

I have an 04 Silverado LT with 102k that I got in 06 and haven't had any problems with it. Just rebuilt the entire front end and did brakes last year. I want a new one but love not having a payment.

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2015 02 27 16.16.48


2000 Sierra, bought two weeks ago and putting together my priorities for changes.

-Leveling Kit


- 17in black rims, I like the police Tahoe option, or Steel wheels.


-Rust repair

-Repair jump seat console, current one has broken latch.

-Install audio, currently AM/FM only.

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So, what year GMT-800 do you have? 2003 Silverado Ext. Cab Z71 Off Road
What motor/trans? 4.8L/4l60E

What have you had to fix? Nothing
What do you still need to fix? Transmission fluid and filter change, front differential fluid change, transfer case fluid change, new front and rear shocks. New rear brakes eventually. Plugs and wires.

How many miles do you got on the clock? 92,300 ( Bought it with 84K) Not bad for a 12 year old truck.

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Guess I'll chime in with the new to me truck

2004 GMC Sierra 2wd


I've had to replace brakes, full tune up, some body and electrical work

Still need to fix the busted cats and slipping trans along with a long list of mods I want to do

Obtained the truck in a trade with 330,000 miles on the clock. Currently has 333,600 miles


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New member, I have an 04 Silverado 4.8L with 178k miles on it. I am doing new shocks, ball joints, tie rods, swathed bushing / endlinks and all fluids. Recently did the blend door and mode actuators (replaced). I also fixed the PRND321 indicator gauge light fix. Now a couple of dash gauge bulbs went out so I gotta replace them soon. I will most likely keep this truck forever

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Bought the truck in October with actual mileage of 20k. Flushed trans, new filter and synthetic fluid, and added a few upgrades: backup camera, Blue-Ox tow lugs (for flat towing behind an RV), replaced the center jump-seat with a full size center console, and installed a non-slip bedliner. Truck now has about 26k; looks and runs good.


Got a question for anyone here who may know:

I've often heard comment some owners make, re a 'tick' in the engine. Is that caused by a bad hydraulic lifter?



Have center jumpseat (gray leather) in like-new condition, available for sale.

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Quoted curb weight for a '00 extended cab 5.3 is 4,235lbs, does this seem realistic? If so, thats incredible.


When I put mine on the scale the other day(02 Silverado 1500 Ext. cab RWD) it weighed 5500lbs with me in it and a few hundred pounds maybe worth of misc. stuff. I also have a cap.

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When I put mine on the scale the other day(02 Silverado 1500 Ext. cab RWD) it weighed 5500lbs with me in it and a few hundred pounds maybe worth of misc. stuff. I also have a cap.

Mine is 5400 with me in it, tool box, 2wd, and 1/4 tank.


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I love the 800 series GM full size truck platforms they were the best made and lasted almost 9 years in production (since early 1998 i presume) and it holds great value. Whats interesting is that all its counterparts in SUVs, they retain the same interior parts like dash, door panels, and steering wheel. Parts for this truck are so plentiful and affordable, also in my opinion they are economical trucks in the long run, since they don't drain your bank account in ownership. i have an 07 Silverado classic 4.3 GMT800 ext. cab truck and it drives better than a new truck. Oil level is consistently the same as in initial fill until replacement, a/c is ice cold, truck starts up everytime, and I hardly spend a dime on it for any major shop repairs on a yearly average. I'm proud of my GMT800 pickup. Y'all can keep the 2014 and newer Silverado deathtraps lol

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Been on the forum awhile now and just saw this thread. Enjoyed reading through the posts. I am a huge fan now of the 99-06 style since I stumbled on the newer trucks in 2009.

I had been driving classics and working on them while working out of them. I am a deck builder who used to enjoy working on the trucks myself with help from friends in the truck club. It was getting old not getting good mileage and having to constantly change out parts. I moved out of the city in 2005 so the miles started racking up and I was beginning to eye the 5.3/4l60e combo for my 1970 Chevy truck when I landed a huge job 60 miles from the house. I went into overdrive looking for a replacement truck having no time to do a swap.

I found my current truck right away....2005 GMC Sierra 4x4 SLE Z71 RCSB. After a couple of days in the financing rodeo, I drove it home. It had 95k on the clock. It now has over 315k and I have replaced very few things....2 sets of U-joints [i haul a lot], 2 sets of brakes, front hubs, AC condenser, 2 water pumps, disc brake master cylinder and two sets of tires. Amazingly, I have not replaced plugs or wires since changing them the day I bought it. I do have the check engine light going on and off with the 4 sensor codes.

It has been Black Bear tuned and I added a K&N style air cleaner. I'd love to swap in a 6.0/4l80e when it's time if I have the cash to buy one. Got a good friend who is an SAE certified mechanic...he'll be doing to the swap on a trade out for me building his deck and cover. Going to paint it black soon, have another friend and a nother trade deal with him. He is one of the top 10 painters in the US [he's painting the PPG show truck this year].

I plan on keeping this truck for a very long time. I will break my own record of 6 years this year outlasting the last cool weekend ride I had [78 ELCamino SS]. I just don't like the newest body styles of any truck and I hate payments.

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So, what year GMT-800 do you have? 2000 silverado waldoch package

What motor/trans? 5.3l 4l60e

What have you had to fix? nothing yet

What do you still need to fix? Needs tires, new brake pads/rotors, then a rear window and some body work

How many miles do you got on the clock? 184,000

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A delivery guy complimented my truck as I came into work this morning, he had one just like mine in the past. Also asked me how its treated me, I said amazingly so far!


Its nice to see another gmt800 admirer out there!

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Purchased a 2001 Tahoe LT yesterday for 8300. Has 112k on the odo and looks completely mint inside. Needs to have the center console latch fixed, and windshield replaced. Drives smooth, ordered a leveling kit on ebay and going to tint the front windows. That's about the extent of the mods, oh and do the inside amp bypass mod. Radio sounds like crap.

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