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2015 Tahoe PPV adding factory SiriusXM

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Hello. New to this site but now have a reason to join. My new 2015 Tahoe PPV 4WD just came in last week and am waiting for equipment. I am interested if the IO3 stereo in the PPV can have SiriusXM added. I know that on the IO4 it is as simple as adding the Antenna Module that includes it but I can not find any info on the IO3 stereo. I noticed that in the owners manual it does talk about the SiriusXM operation with the base system as an option. Any help would be appreciated. Also I know I can just add a standalone SiriusXM receiver and use the AUX port but with all the other equipment we have in our rigs space is at a premium. Thanks for any help.

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So I got around to tearing the dash apart. Looks like there is an antenna module just like the IO4, 5, 6s have. And of course it lacks the SiriusXM antenna port and markings. The part number for the antenna module it 13598655. On it there is a black and white antenna port. The white antenna port had nothing connected. Does anyone know what this is for?


Also I believe I need to replace the module with part number 13596610. Or do I need 23238026? The difference from what I can tell is the first has AVF. I am not sure what that code stands for. Can anyone verify which is the correct one? I should note this Tahoe is the newer generation of the 2015's.


Also I am not exactly ready to drop the headliner as my other equipment has not arrived yet. Does anyone know what sharkfin comes on the PPV? I do know it is the new taller LTE version. I am interested if there is an SiriusXM connector at the antenna just no wire running down.


Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

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Feel like I am talking to myself of this but another update. I was able to see by removing the blue-tooth mic and the overhead console that the antenna has two wires coming from it. One wire appears to go to the onstar mirror and the other seems to run to the Pass A pillar. I cannot see clear enough to see the part number on the antenna and I can not tell where the wire ends up after it heads towards the passenger side. I did not remove the A pillar trim.


I do not know enough about GM antennas to know if two wires means it has Siriusxm capability or it doesn't mean anything. Does anyone know where the 2nd antenna wire would end up under the dash? I do not see it anywhere around the antenna module but there is a bunch of dead space behind the dash that I have not torn into. BTW I am willing to do a write-up on this when I am done if anyone wants it or its possible.

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I gave up and went with a standard SiriusXM receiver. However it is possible with replacing the IO4 radio antenna module with one with the XM option. The only thing I do not know about is if the antenna on the 2015.5 is XM capable. I was never able to find a breakdown of part numbers for the antennas as it was so new. My decision though was based on price. I would still though prefer to have it built in.

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In case yall are curious years later - I replaced the high frequency antenna on mine because it leaked and can confirm that the OEM part did not have the XM radio. That said, the replacement did have it included (the OEM high frequency antenna used on all the other models fits).

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