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A Look Inside: 2020 Silverado Revealed In Flint


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    • By customboss
      Opening this up to disabled and other Vets. We need a place to share. Isolation is death and not a good death. 
      How are my Brother and Sisters making it work? I’m struggling tonight. I’ve done a lot and overcome much. As I age the pain is overwhelming. 62 YO  90% disabled  VA combat vet of USNavy and USArmy.   Never asked for help and for 42 years have helped others.  My truck, the science of automotive technology helps me maintain my sanity. Any others here that feel the drain on the soul and body? My fingers and formally strac functions don’t function right anymore.  I love the constitutional basis of USA but wonder have many forgotten the rule of law? UCMJ? Caring about others before self?  
    • By Bill Shaffer
      In 2020 I purchased a new Silverado 2500HD.   Vehicle has the GAS 6.6L Engine.   It recently had it's second Oil Change and Service.   Vehicle ONLY has 6,500 miles on it.   Now it has a knocking noise when idling.  I took it back tot he dealer where I purchased it.  They have had it for over a week.  Initially told they had no idea what the noise was.  They were communicating directly with GM to diagnose the issue.  As of now they have replaced engine bearings and dropped the Oil Pan with no loose or metal particles in the Oil.
      With all of that said and done the noise is still present and they are waiting for further instructions from GM.
      Just curious if anyone else has had this issue?
    • By SlowSilvyJimmy
      I BOUGHT A 2012 silverado 2500 in facebook marketplace but the person who had it didnt have the hardware/clips/bolts to put it together. He ziptied it together, I NEED HELP FINDING WHERE I CAN BUY ALL THE HARDWARE to assemble it properly! IN THE IMAGINE I CIRCLED WHAT I NEED

    • By Andrew Flora
      Hey guys my Silverado 2500 has a nasty squeal coming from the front end while driving. Straight or turning doesn’t matter, and while in neutral or park I can rev the engine with no noise at all. A few ppl have said either cv joint or wheel bearing I was wondering if you guys may have a more exact idea of what it might be?
    • By Trevor Lucas
      I own a 04 chevy silverado 1500. The brakes are spongy ( I've bleed them throughly, new everything except booster and master). My work trucks brakes are great 06 Sierra 2500 hd dual piston calipers all the way around same pads as the ones in my chevy. The question is can I upgrade to a dual piston the rear? They currently have the wimpy single piston. If an upgrade is possible do I need to upgrade the Master cylinder to accommodate the extra volume? If so can I just order the 2500 hd master cylinder?
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