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Sierra vs Silverado poll

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8 hours ago, Mountain boy said:

Everyone likes the one they bought the best, this is just a way to start shit and should be locked.

You said it very wisely......I just like owning Bowties myself, that's all.....


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10 hours ago, Silverado4x4 said:

In the 1/2 ton market the Chevy wins, the GMC 1/2 ton I don't like the looks due to the sim card shaped fender wells and the shape of the grill looks like and big computer monitor plug. Now the 3/4 ton market the GMC wins as the Chevy front end is just flat out ugly. 

Totally agree my previous trucks:

13 Sierra SLE

15 Sierra SLE

18 Sierra SLT

Current vehicle 19 Silverado LT, what put me off the Sierra were the wheel openings which looked much nicer on the previous model and the grille looks to narrow and tall, hey but each to their own.

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8 hours ago, 2016 Sierra Owner said:

I've had GMCs since my 95. Just prefer the look better than Chevy. I really like the looks of the 100yr Silvy though.

95 SLE

99 SLE

01 SLE 2500HD

09 SLE

14 SLE

16 SLT


My neighbour has a 100 year Silverado as his work truck. I'm jealous. 

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I've got my old 92 GMC from high school when it was new in the shop still but it's been worked over a bit with a hot rod motor and new injection system.  I went to a GMC again so I wouldn't have to come onto forums and bitch about not getting the options I wanted.  My AT4 has every option I can get outside of off road steps and a bed cover both of which I'm fine with because I'm getting AMP steps and won't run a bed cover anyway.  

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SILVERADO - just aesthetics and peraonal preference for me.  I'm sure that will change in 2021 with my next purchase.


Recent purchase history:

2007 Silverado LTZ

2011 Sierra SLT

2014 Sierra All Terrain 

2017 GMC Yukon SLT Premier 

2019 Sliverado LT Trail Boss

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  • 8 months later...

I like the looks of the 1500 gmc AT4 because it gets rid of all the in your face chrome with some of the options I like.

I tried building another version with the diesel to get the tow package with the 3.73 gears and ended up with way more chrome than I'd like and it even cost more.

Why gm can't offer certain options (gearing, engine choices, larger fuel tanks, upgraded interiors) with everything but a work truck version is beyond me.

They could learn a thing or two from Dodge that does make this type of selections more available.

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As a Chevy guy, the GMC is undeniably the better looking truck which is why I bought a GMC. The truth is that the GMC has been the better looking platform since '14. 


You guys are really arguing that this truck:





is a better looking truck than this truck...



LOL. It's not really even close. After I decided on a half ton I first went to the Chevy dealership and then to the GMC dealership. Got a bottom dollar on a GMC and went back to the Chevy dealership to see what they could do, and no disrespect, because I would much rather have bought a car from the Chevy guys (much more normal people b/w the particular dealerships) but I laughed to myself when you put them in contrast. I'll never be loyal to a brand and always buy what is best for me, but when it comes to pickups I have grown up around and always liked Chevy's and wanted a Chevy. Until I saw the GMC... It's almost as if GM took the nicest design and gave it to GMC and took the second best design and gave it to Chevy. The GMC's are the best looking trucks on the market by a longshot. Not met anyone that disagreed. But Chevy does have one of the most loyal brand followings of any vehicle. I will give you that. 

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Now I will concede that the Elevation & AT4's look like $hit, but the Trail Boss and RST's look even worse. 


I mean we can do this all day. You think this truck:




looks better than this truck?:



Again, it ain't close brother. And if you want to go 3/4 ton it gets even worse for the Chevy's...

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I have a 2019 Sierra AT4 which I got because it doesn't have all the chrome.  I like both trucks but I prefer the 10 speed transmission which wasn't available in Chevy, so I have the 6.2L with 10 speed.  The tailgate is not a gimmick to me as I use the features (yes plural) all the time.  The camera system was also great on the sierra.  I guess it was more about what they delivered than the looks for me.

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