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DiabLew Custom Tune Long Term Review

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Hello Everyone


After 4 years and 50k miles, I figured it was about time I shared my experiences with my Custom DiabLew tune


TL;DR video at the end of this post


Back in mid 2016, when I bought my truck, I also bought a DiabloSport intune i2


I wanted a Tune for the truck, and was interested in a Diablo because I knew I could deactivate the AFM with it, gain a bit of drivability, etc; and was aware that it could let me modify more engine parameters like Timing at Wide Open Throttle, so it seemed like a really good option.


I was also interested on a custom tune from an HP Tuners dealers, but since I live in Mexico; my only reputable option was a 5 hour drive from me; This along with a string of bad custom tune experiences I previously had with my Stage 3 Jetta had made me doubt the tuning expertise of the people around me, so the DiabloSport brand, which seemed to sell a lot of handheld tuners seemed like a safer bet.


After installing the 93 octane tune in my truck, and playing with RPM, fuel and Timing of course it drove better and seemed a bit sharper, but I still didn't think that it was everything I could get from it


Enter my Friend Jose; who at the time was working on a brand new C7 Z06, and for the tune he was trying a Custom Tune remotely done by a guy named Lewis Eaton. Jose advised that he was giving it a shot because there were a lot of good reviews on forums and probably it wouldn't be a bad idea to try.


After doing some reading of my own, I also thought that for $150 dollars, it seemed like a very fair price, even though I had been managing expectations.


Fast Forward a couple of days, and I had emailed Lewis and followed his instructions: Install Canned Tune, Drive some Miles, record data log, send it to him along with the stock tune backup, etc; which were rather easy, even for a guy like me who is NOT an electronics fond person.


I had my Custom Tune pretty quickly and I ended up rather happy with the result. To be sure I wasn't tripping, I put the ECU back in Stock BackUp Tune and it did really feel much sluggish and slower


The only thing I asked Lewis to change was the Cat CEL after I removed the Cats from the truck and installed Long Tube Headers. Other than that, I have been running the exact same tune for almost 4 years now.


In these 4 years I haven't had electronic misbehavior whatsoever, not a CEL, nothing. The Truck runs great and gives better fuel economy than stock. I use my truck pretty much every day, fast backroads driving, road trips, ranch stuff. 


IMO the best part of this tune is the Transmission Tuning, because its the behavior you feel the most; it keeps the Torque Converter Locked Up as much as possible, doesn't downshift unnecessarily and the shifts sound great.


Some people have told me now and then that there is nothing better than a Custom HP Tune done by a reputable dealer in person, but since there aren't any of those near me, I would say im so satisfied with the DiabLew tune, that I wouldn't consider spending more money on another tune, even if I had access to another.


And finally, Here is the video, YouTube pennies help me pay for my Student Loan and Truck Mods, so Liking and Sharing my videos is greatly appreciated:







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I agree with your assessment. Got mine done not too long ago with Diablew. Extremely happy with the way it drives now. No issues to report. Lew is very easy to worth with and very responsive to questions and getting your tune back after sending the logs to him. Highly recommend.

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